Summer Nail Polishes

When I was still in school, I used to love it when it got to the holidays so I could wear nail polish again! Although I am now out of school, I still love choosing the colours that I am going to wear when I go on holiday and throughout the summer! Summer is all about the bright colours but I have also noticed that even as we venture into July, pastels are still a massive trend so I have also included a few pastels as well as traditional brights!

Reds and Pinks

O.P.I I'm Not Really A Waitress
I think that red nail polish looks amazing on both fingernails and toenails. However, in the summer, I prefer this colour on my toenails as it is an ever so slightly darker red.I think in the sunshine, the shimmer in this nail polish will look absolutely gorgeous and would look great with a white outfit in the evening.

Essie Fifth Avenue
You cannot beat a classic red nail polish and out of my collection - this is my go-to classic red shade. I think this is a great shade to go with a tan but is also a great colour to wear in the office as it looks very professional. I also feel like Fifth Avenue is such a signature Essie shade and I can definitely see why!

Essie Cute As A Button
When I first bought this colour, I will admit I was not a big fan of it. I wasn't really sure how the pink would match up against my skin tone. It was recommended by Ese from EssieButton and as I love her videos, I went out and bought it. However when the sun is shining, the coral undertones of this pink nail polish really shine through and now it is another summer go-to nail polish for me. However, for me personally, it is not a shade I would wear out of summer.


NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish in Lexington Yellow
Now I know that the colour yellow can be a bit scary to some people but trust me on this - this nail polish is amazing! It's bright but it is such a 'yellow-yellow' and doesn't have any other tone of another colour, it doesn't look strange on the nails! I haven't worn this on my toenail's before but I love wearing it on my fingernails

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint in Stop The Clock
To keep up with the current pastel trend that is staying with us as we move into summer, this beautiful creamy yellow nail polish from Barry M is one I will be wearing this summer! This colour looks gorgeous with gold glitter nail polish if you want to glam it up a little but also looks just as gorgeous on its own. It is also super quick-drying so you don't have to be waiting for ages before you go back to absorbing the rays or jump into the sea!

Blues and Greens

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Batbano Blue
I got this nail polish in TK Maxx so I have no idea if it is still available or if you can get it outside of the United States. However, this kind of shimmery royal blue colour should be available in other brands. I really feel that this is a shade that will work on all skin tones and I think especially on darker skin tones! This out of all my picks probably has the worst formula as it is quite liquidy so it can be difficult to work with but I adore the colour so much that I don't mind!

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint in Pole Position
This mint green looks amazing on toenails. I had to put that out there straight away! It stands out so amazingly, it is a shame that it was not warm enough yet to have sandals on! I also love that this a mint green that isn't too much on the cool side and enables it to work on more skin-tones. I would definitely say that this is my favourite mint green nail polish of all time!

What are your favourite summer nail polish colours? Also I would love to know some of your favourite nail polishes because I love buying nail polish (even though I already have so much!)

Ellyn xx

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