New Additions To My Beauty Routine

As a beauty addict, I have a lot of stuff. From makeup, skincare to haircare, I have a minimum of two per product. I can just about close my makeup drawer. Whilst I try to justify my beauty purchases, sometimes a few bonus items appear. In certain products I have particular favourites, but occasionally I like to change things up and try new products. I've been switching out a few products and have enjoyed them so far so I thought I would talk about them. I love hearing about new products, even if my bank account would like me not to purchase it straight away!

Noughty’s knight in shining armour comes charging to the rescue with sweet almond sunflower seed and shea butter to transform dry, frizzy and damaged hair. Noughty’s 97% natural moisture boosting range helps to leave hair intensely nourished, super strong, and ready for the next round of mischief. Go on, get Noughty. 

I always like to regulary switch up what shampoo and conditioner I use in order for my hair not to get used to it, thus losing the intended effect. I've said before that I really like Noughty's Detox Dynamo shampoo, so I was excited to try the To The Rescue range. As it is sulphate free, the shampoo does not foam up that much, but is actually better for your hair. So far I am liking it.

Our silky pink primer takes your complexion from dull to darling! Simply blend it on for the look of brighter, smoother skin.

I mentioned in my last post that I had recently fallen in love with this primer again after finding a travel size in Boots, and then purchased the full size in Carnaby Street. I really like this primer, it brightens without any shimmer, and despite being pink, you aren't left with a weird pink residue but naturally brighter skin. 

Liquid eyeliner baffles so many of us, but using a felt-tip marker? Now that’s something we can handle! Specially formulated with jet-black pigment that won’t smudge, fade, or budge, the innovative marker application easily applies a sleek line to eyelids. So, whether you’re a newbie or a pro, even those of us with the shakiest of hands can master all of our favourite liner looks.

Don't get me wrong, I am still very much in love with my Benefit Roller Liner. However as I wear eyeliner every time I wear makeup, I can go through eyeliner like nobody's business, so it is nice to keep them for longer by switching it up. This eyeliner is a pretty good second to Roller Liner. It has a slightly different tip so it might be a better choice for a beginner! 

Do more than moisturise! Hydrate, nourish & protect with Olay Complete for beautiful healthy looking skin day by day. Olay Complete Day Cream Sensitive Moisturiser with award winning 3in1 multi-layered technology gives your sensitive skin everything it needs most during the day in a creamy texture formula.

When I went to purchase a new moisturiser, I had intended in getting the Superdrug So Simple Light Moisturising Lotion. However for some reason, my Superdrug did not have either the Light or Rich moisturiser. After some research online, I have a feeling it might have been discontinued! I also had to pick up an Olay BB Cream for my mum, and Olay happened to be running a buy one get one free offer, so I picked up this moisturiser. I hate heavy feeling moisturisers, and I'm glad that this stays in the light category. Just like the Superdrug moisturiser, it also has SPF! 

Have you tried any of these products?

Ellyn xx

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  1. Noughty are my absolute favourite cruelty free, affordable hair care brand! :)

    Soph - Https:// x

  2. Never heard of Noughty before but it sounds great for my hair especially being sulphate free!

  3. I keep seeing the Noughty shampoos and I've been wondering if I should try them - my hair could use a bit of TLC at the moment so I think I may have to give it a go. Plus cruelty free is a bonus too! Xx


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