My Favourite Makeup Brushes - July 2019

Back in 2017, I wrote a post about my favourite makeup brushes. That was quite some time ago, and unsurprisingly as a makeup lover, I've gained some more since. Whilst I still use a lot of the brushes I mentioned in that previous post, but I find myself drawn to other brushes. You will have to excuse that I did not clean these brushes before taking the photo, not so good for aesthetics but does prove how much I do love these brushes!

GOSH Foundation Brush

 I will be honest, this is not a great foundation brush. So why is it in this post? Good question. In the last month I've been using it to blend concealer and its turned from a rubbish foundation brush, to a pretty good concealer brush. Really shows that you don't have to use a specific brush for the one area. 

Although Gosh still sell makeup brushes, I couldn't find the foundation brush. I have had this a really long time so I am not sure how long it is not been around for. 

This brush is the blush brush from the Core Collection set which as you can probably tell by the state of it, I've been using for bronzer. It diffuses the bronzer really nicely across the face, but you can still use it more precisely as well. 

The Core Collection as a whole is good, so if you know (or indeed yourself) someone who is need of some good makeup brushes, I'd recommend this set! 

What I like most about this brush is that it really is a powder brush. Now what I mean by that is that you can use it for any powder on the face, blush, bronzer or setting powder. Whilst I use it most for applying setting powder, if I am in a rush and it's the nearest brush to me, I know I can rely on it for the rest of my face.

I feel like My Kit Co is still fairly unknown in the beauty blogging world, but they really do make great brushes! 

I've spoken about this brush a few times now on the blog, and really I don't know what else I can say about it. It's a great brush for applying and blending eyeshadow in the socket. I've still only used it with powder eyeshadows, and I do think it should stay that way. There has only been a few times when I haven't used this, and that's only if it is when I am using different eyeshadow tones to what is on the brush!

What are your favourite brushes?

Ellyn xx

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  1. I have recently come to have a huge obsession with makeup brushes. Right now my favorite ones are the Juvia's place brushes, the jeffree star x morphe brushes! I've washed these brushes a whole bunch of times, and yet they look and feel like they're brand new! I totally recommend them! I can't believe I still haven't had the chance to try out Luxie Brushes! I hear lots of good things about them. I'm glad to hear that you like them too. Great post xxx

    Melina |


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