My Desert Island Beauty Picks - Red Lipstick

I'm kicking off July with my second part of my Desert Island Beauty Picks. Last month I did eyeshadow palettes, now that was easy but lipsticks! There is no way I could not separate these into categories. Way too hard! I decided to go by shade, and I thought I would start with red lipstick. I actually wrote a post at the start of the year about red lipstick, and that included 5 so I had to bring it down to 3, but I've also got a newbie since then that's shaken things up. Let's see what I would take!

Of course I would have to bring arguably one of the most iconic lipsticks out there. This has been a staple part of my lipstick wardrobe for years, and to be honest I can’t see it leaving. Ruby Woo is a blue-toned red, in MAC’s Retro Matte formula which is more matte than their ‘normal’ matte lipsticks. 

Whilst I am still a big fan of the liquid lipstick, I don’t think I could part with some of my traditional bullet lipsticks, especially this one. Like I said above, it is very matte and doesn’t just glide on but it doesn’t feel dry on the lips and it is very long-lasting. It is also a great lipstick for making your teeth look really white!

If Ruby Woo is the lipstick that doesn’t budge, Pioneer is the liquid lipstick that doesn’t budge. I’ve reiterated this fact every time I’ve talked about this lipstick and I still can’t praise it enough for that. Whilst I often will top up lipstick on a night out, it wouldn’t even matter if I had forgotten this. It ain’t budging! 

Colour-wise, I would say it is a slightly darker version of Ruby Woo. I tried to find a definitive description but from my judgement, it is a blue-red. Compared to other liquid lipsticks I own, this has a thicker consistency, but it is not really a problem, and I think is part of the reason it lasts so well. 

This is the newest addition to my red lip wardrobe, and it’s clearly made its impact. Out of these three, this is probably the most used at the moment. It is slightly warmer than the other two. It is not as long-lasting as the Maybelline, but still lasts pretty well. I also really love the packaging, it would look nice up against the desert sand! 

Formula-wise, it is quite similar to Powermatte, but has a slightly more comfortable feel. This is because it has an oil-in-water formula, but don’t worry – it’s not going to be slipping all over your face!

What red lipsticks would you take to a desert island?

Ellyn xx

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  1. I absolutely love Red lipstick. It is amazing what it can do for your confidence x

  2. I've never been great at choosing the right shade of red lipstick. I know I look better in a blue-red, but I've heard that MAC shade is awesome for basically every skin tone!


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