Mixing Makeup - What I Mix With Foundations

I've never been an avid foundation wearer. It's not something I need on a day to day basis, and I don't really need it for coverage. However alongside primer I find that foundation helps the rest of my face makeup adhere much better, especially if I am heading out to a special occasion. But as I mentioned, I don't need foundation for the coverage so when I am using one, I often mix it with something to thin it out a little and add some glow. I've tried various things over the years, and I've recently found myself switching between three.

The two foundations that I use these with are the Smashbox Studio Skin and Joan Collins Timeless Beauty First Base. I like both of these as, even without thinning they feel nice and light, but you can get a decent amount of coverage from them. 

When drafting this post, I realised that each of the products I switch between, are actually three different types of product, so there should be at least one that might work for you!

This is the most recent addition to foundation that I've been trying. I used to only use it in conjunction with moisturiser, or instead of a serum. It's name truly reflects what it gives you. You only need a couple of drops and it looks like you bathed in a goddess pool.

As it mixed well with various moisturisers that I've used, I thought about how it might work with foundation. Turns out - it works!

It is also free from parabens, fragrance, sulphates and mineral oil. It is also available from Boots!

Shocker. I know right. Mixing primer with foundation is not uncommon, a lot of people use it as a quick step. However, not all primers are going to be compatible with foundation. As the Primerizer has more of a liquid consistency, it mixes well with foundations, even ones that are slightly thicker.

There are days when I will put on a layer of Primerizer, and then a layer of foundation with the Primerizer mixed in. I really cannot get enough of this product. It also has some skin care benefits such as hyalronic acid so even this alone feels like magic. 

Can I set up a lifetime subscription please.

If I want to add a little more sparkly-glow (in a good way), I would often choose Wonderglow. It has a subtle shimmer running through it, that still gives you highlight, but not in the same way as a traditional highlighter. 

It is also thinner than other illuminators that I own, so you do not lose any of the foundation, but still tell that you've given it a little oomph. 

This is the only one that I don't really wear unless I'm mixing with foundation, as I prefer to use other illuminators on their own, but if you want something light, works with foundation but still gives you a glow, I would recommend this. 

Do you mix any makeup?

Ellyn xx

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