Food Inspiration - My Favourite Cookbooks!

I love cooking and baking, however I am not a professional chef and I often need a little inspiration. Whilst we have a lot of cookbooks in our house, I have found my own over the years and will constantly go back to them when I am in charge of dinner. Many of these recipes have become family favourites and I have made over and over. If only I could take the credit! I want to do more lifestyle content on the blog, so today I thought I would talk about my current favourite cookbooks. I'm hungry now.

There are other recipes from books that I love, and I like a good peruse online but these books are my most used, and loved. They are also all mine, but don't worry I do share!

I am a big Bake Off fan! Season 8 was one of my favourite ones to watch, and I was so happy when Candice won. Her gingerbread pub from the Biscuits episode was amazing! Also as a makeup lover, I loved seeing what shade of lipstick she would wear each week! So when her book came out, I had to get it! First off, I think it is a beautiful book, I love the whole design.

Whilst there is a selection of recipes, I predominately use this book for the desserts. My favourite recipe is her plum, nectarine and ginger crumble. Everyone who has had it has really enjoyed it, and requested it for big family events.

For those who have been living under a rock, Hello Fresh is a meal delivery service. I have seen a lot of my favourite influencers work with Hello Fresh in the last few years. I love the whole concept of Hello Fresh, and some of the recipes that have been featured. So when I saw they had a cookbook, I really wanted to get it!

This book has a whole variety of dishes, divided into chicken, vegetarian, fish/seafood, red meat and something for the weekend. So there really is a recipe for whatever you are craving. The best thing about this book is the beginning. The first 30 pages are dedicated to cooking tips (down to the different ways to chop an onion, to how to boil water), store cupboard essentials, preventing food waste and about different utensils. This is literally a perfect book for a beginner.

This book was given to me when I went to university. As you can see it was designed for teenagers to help get them into cooking, but specifically teenage boys. All the recipes inside it are super easy and everything I have made from this book has been delicious. It also has a small section on techniques and basic recipes (ie. white sauce etc.) 

This is also one of my favourite books because it introduced a tomato-based pasta sauce that I actually love. I hate tomatoes, and will only eat tomato things if they are heavily disguised with other things. The Napolina recipe changed my life, I still prefer it whizzed up in the food processor, but I still can't believe it got me to enjoy a tomato dish. 

What are your favourite cookbooks?

Ellyn xx

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  1. Nice rewievs. These coolbooks looks very appealingly.

  2. Love a good cookbook. I have Lolas cupcakes which is on top, also that Hello Fresh one and my fave is the Good Life eatery cookbook x

  3. Thanks for this list! These are some amazing cookbook! xx

  4. Cookbooks are my absolute favorite kind of books. I've never heard of these so I'll definitely have to check these out!

    cabin twenty-four

  5. Really interesting list. My sister gave me a cook book for Christmas one year based on food made and served in famous movies. I have no desire to make any of the recipes in it, but it's a cool book to flip through.


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