February Birchbox - Birchbox X Not On The High Street

This month marks my third year purchasing Birchboxes. I love getting a box of goodies to try every month. This month’s box is in collaboration with Not On The High Street. My family has actually purchased a lot of things from this website, including a print that I got for my mum for Christmas that lists important places from her life. Every box includes a voucher, I would definitely recommend picking up this box – you can buy individual boxes as well as subscriptions!

This liquid shimmer eye shadow provides a subtle hint of colour and shine that can be layered for a bolder look. The water-based formula feels lightweight and comfortable on your lids while providing long- lasting wear.

Since I have been using my NARS eye primer, I have wearing a lot more shimmery eyeshadows, which I did not use to wear that much. This means I am open to trying a liquid eyeshadow. I am also still loving a one eyeshadow look and I think this would look really pretty on its own. 

Anatomicals No One Gets Flirty With The Dirty Pick Me Up Body Wash

Every so often we all need a little pick me up, right? Next time you do, ease into your morning with this invigorating body wash. Its subtle floral fragrance will wake up your senses, leaving you ready to face the day.

It’s always handy to have some smaller/travel size products in your collection. I have liked the previous body wash I tried from Anatomicals so this should be good too. Anatomicals is also cruelty and paraben free!

This hair mask repairs damage, improves texture and shine, deeply hydrates, fights frizz, and seals split ends. Its decadent formula also detangles even the most knotted strands while in the shower for instant smoothness.

I have seen this a lot on social media so I am quite excited to try this and see how it matches up. I have very thick hair which I heat style, so I love using a hair mask to give it some TLC. Due to its thickness and length, I probably won’t get that many uses out of these, but if it works out, I can see myself repurchasing. 

This fluffy blending brush is the ideal companion to powder and cream eye shadows alike. Its soft synthetic bristles (vegan, cruelty-free, and hypoallergenic!) give a flawless finish with minimal effort. A must have in any make-up kit.

I am so lazy with cleaning my brushes, especially eye brushes and when I want to use a different eyeshadow and I have no clean brushes to use. So its always handy to have another one. I have not tried any brushes from this brand but the design reminds me of the Spectrum brushes.

Wave goodbye to pesky blackheads with these fast-working patches. Water-activated ingredients draw out impurities and excess sebum, both eliminating and preventing against blackheads – with immediate results!

Let’s be real, I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds these nose strips a guilty pleasure. There is something really satisfying about getting the gunk out of your skin. Bit gross though. I don’t have a huge problem with blackheads but I do get some build-up in the pores on my nose

What I also love about this month’s box is that it came with some postcards! I love the design and definitely want to send them out!

Have you tried any of these products!

Ellyn xx

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