Three Winter Outfits - Rocking the Prints

It has been forever since I have done a fashion post. Since I was given my Capture By Lucy white floorboards backdrop, I am hoping to do some more fashion content as I have more space to work with. I have a few pieces in my wardrobe at the moment that I am in love with, and really wanted to style them for you. As it is winter, you will notice that these three outfits are all trouser/jeans based, and paired with boots. I much prefer wearing trousers and boots in the colder months, and I thought it would be more realistic to show shoes that I would actually wear. Let's get dressed!

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Jumper: H&M, Jeans: H&M, Belt: H&M, Boots: Primark

Outfit One
Some of you might notice this outfit from my Instagram last week. Where I live, due to the changes over the years, H&M is split into four shop fronts: Women’s, Divided, Men and Kids. Whilst browsing the Divided clothes, I loved this outfit on one of the mannequins. It was cool, chic and something I would not normally wear but I instantly fell for the outfit.

I already owned some straight-leg jeans, but it was this pair that have really bought that style to me, and now I wear straight-leg more than skinny. They are very comfortable and flattering. They are also a little high-waisted, but don’t feel tight against the skin. I love how the jumper looks tucked in, and I knew I had to have the belt, very similar to the infamous ‘Gucci’ belt to complete the outfit. It was also worn with boots and a blazer, which I don’t own but the boots and coat I wore in the Instagram picture match quite well. I now own two jumpers of the same cut in different styles so I can switch the outfit up a bit.


fashion, ootd, mustard, spots, boots, h&m, asos, the vestry, jacket, primark, winter fashion

Jumper: H&M, Trousers: ASOS, Boots: Primark, Coat: The Vestry

Outfit Two
Mustard is a very love/hate colour. I like it. I’ve owned this mustard jumper for years, and I have recently discovered a new way to wear it. I’ve had these spotty ASOS trousers in my wishlist for a while and my parents got me them for Christmas. I have worn them so far against a plain top, and I think they work really nicely against the mustard trousers.

The material is similar to leggings so its not really an outfit for the super chilly days, but I have worn this outfit on a walk and I didn’t feel too chilly. Might consider wearing something underneath on other days though! In the below shot, I am actually wearing a plain pair of black leggings underneath! Whilst I did not go out, I have included one of my favourite coats which I picked up at a charity sale a while ago when visiting my nana in Sussex that I would wear from this outfit.

fashion, ootd, leopard print, jeans, poloneck, cream, asos, george, asda, primar, winter fashion

Coat: George at ASDA, Top: ASOS, Jeans: ASOS, Belt: H&M, Boots: Primark

Outfit Three
I am obsessed with my leopard print coat. I would happily wear it with every single outfit for the rest of my life. When I was coming up with ideas for this post, I knew I had to feature this outfit. I’ve worn this coat with the first outfit, but decided to pair it with a different outfit.

I decided to go with my ASOS high-waisted straight leg jeans, which I’ve got back into recently thanks to my H&M pair. I find it’s best not to go too over the top with other patterns, so I went for my cream turtleneck, but does have its own flair with the ruffle-like collar. Again I wore my H&M ‘Gucci’ belt and boots.

I will definitely be wearing these outfits a lot over the coming months, as you might see on Instagram but I will at least try to keep mixing it up, and sharing more fashion content with you!

What is your must-have fashion item right now?

Ellyn xx

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