Current Make-Up Staples: The Face Edition

Back in May, I did an update on a previous post about my current make-up staples in my everyday make-up routine. There are a couple of products that have been featured in both previous posts, but I think it is still good to mention them, as it gives you guys a better idea of how much I love them, and how I like to use them. Also as many of these are on the higher-end of make-up, it shows that they are worth the money. These are all face products, as I tend to switch these up the least. It is easy to find plenty of good eye and products - finding the perfect base products can be tricky!

NARS Velvet Matte Foundation Stick
I am not a big foundation wearer as I don't need a lot of overall coverage, however I do like to heavier with concealer. I wear glasses and I find a higher-coverage works nicer under them. At the moment, I am still loving using the NARS foundation stick in place of a concealer. It is easy to apply, blend and sits really nicely under the eyes.

This is the most expensive product in this list, and I will be honest, I am not entirely sure if I will repurchase, but I did receive these in a goodie bag at a press event in my previous job in two shades that I can use, so I will still be using these for a while. However, if you are looking to spend a bit more money on a foundation or thick concealer, I would recommend this.

MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder
This is my new favourite powder and I will definitely be re-purchasing for the foreseeable future. It is a really light powder, that is the most 'transparent' out of many 'transparent' powders that I have tried. It sets make-up really well, but if you prefer a finish that isn't too matte, this is light enough to still let the glow from your liquid highlighters come through.

This is the first loose setting powder I have used and it has definitely converted me. Like with any loose powder, you have to be careful with it, as it can be a little messy - especially when you first open it every day, one thing I try to make sure I do, is making sure it stays upright in my make-up table.

MAC Strobe Cream
Whilst I did struggle with using them at first, I am now fully converted to liquid illuminators/highlighters. MAC Strobe Cream is a great illuminating cream that can act as a great highlighter, but also as a base - even if you don't wear foundation on top. I find that it is more glowy than shimmery and helps the rest of the makeup look glowy as well. However, it is still great to mix with a foundation, or just under it.

This is in the original shade, but I am definitely going to try out some more of the shades, maybe the more warmer shades.

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer
The ultimate bronzer. I think this will always be part of my make-up collection, even if I own other bronzers. This is always the bronzer that I fall back on. It is perfect for bronzing and contouring, and just giving your skin a gorgeous sun-kissed glow.

When using for contouring, I like using the side of the Spectrum Collections A05 Brush to apply a precise contour and then gently blend it out. For overall bronzing, I mostly use the Real Techniques Duo Fibre powder brush from the Nic's Picks set, or the My Kit Co powder brush from the Electro Brush Set.

Benefit Cosmetics GALifornia
When it comes to blush, I am still a big fan of a peachy-pink colour. I am still using GALifornia almost everyday, when I am not using the blush below. As I have mentioned before, I own the smaller size which does not have the shimmery overlay. I have been to my local counter to see what this blush looks like with the shimmer, and it still seems pretty gorgeous to me.

However, if you prefer a matte finish, you might want to consider trying the smaller size.

Lord & Berry Blusher Crayon in Peach
I got this back in my January Birchbox, and I have only just started to use it. I have always been weary of using non-powder based blushes, in fear of not being able to blend or applying too much and looking like a clown. However, this has really changed my mind.

As it is a stick, I tend to apply a few lines, and then blend out with my fingers. This allows me to control the amount that goes on, and to ensure I've got enough colour. I am going to keep using it a lot more, and to anyone else who is a little afraid of non-powder formulas, I would recommend giving this a try!

So these are the current make-up staples in my make-up routine. Now as I have a fairly extensive collection, and a blog, I try to use different things during the week, but at the moment, these are the products I will fall back on!

What are your current make-up staples?

Ellyn xx

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