My Current Top Three Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks are one of the few makeup trends that have actually managed to stay and firmly mark their place in mainstream cosmetics. It is no secret that I am a big fan of liquid lipsticks. I have been trying quite a few liquid lipsticks over the past year, and I have now officially found my top three. For the moment at least. There are two higher-end and one drugstore liquid lipstick in this list. Also, in some of them, I own more than one shade but have only included my favourites in the photo below. Now I should note that all these are matte finishes, as that is what I prefer so if you are not a fan of mattes, you might not like any of these - although, that would be a shame!

liquid lipsticks

Maybelline Superstay 24 Matte Ink Lipstick
First off, I recently did a full first impressions of two of these shades so if you want to read my complete thoughts, click here. Obviously as I have included it in this post, it is clearly good! Out of the two shades, this red shade (Pioneer) is my favourite. As I mentioned in my first impressions, this has incredible staying power, and I would definitely say it has the best staying power of all my red lipsticks.

It does take the longest to set out of these three and has a slightly more tacky-feeling but considering it is much cheaper, but you still get an incredible lasting time and intensity of colour, I would say it is worth it. I really want to get more shades - if you have any recommendations let me know.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick
MUFE is a brand that I have always wanted to try, but it can be quite hard to get hold of. Thanfully it is now available in the UK at Debenhams (sadly not at my local store). When I visited the Birchbox Subscribers' Event, I picked up this sample of the Artist Liquid Matte lipstick in Rosewood. It was the first liquid lipstick that I have really loved since I first tried the NARS Powermattes.

It has a really nice creamy texture, dries quickly and feels really comfortable. I would love to repurchase this in full size, and other shades but unfortunately, Rosewood is a very popular shade so it might take me a while to get it! Although I have recently got a Debenhams Beauty Card so can't wait to pick up some points!

NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment 
Come on, this had to be in the list. I probably go on way too much on my blog but I can't help it. It's just too good! If you have not tried these, you need too! I have had mine since August last year and despite using the shade American Woman at least two or three times a week, I have still not finished it. So if you are worried about spending £20+ on a liquid  lipstick, you get your money's worth out of this bad boy.

I would happily own the entire collection, and any other future shades that might come out. Although probably shouldn't get them all at once. You can also buy the Powermattes in three mini sets which contain two of the Powermattes shades for the same price as a full-size: Cool Nudes, Warm Nudes and Hot Reds. So if you want to give the Powermattes a try, this might be a good thing to buy first.

So these are my current favourite liquid lipsticks. It takes a lot for each one of these lipsticks to have made the cut.

If you have tried any of these, or have your own favourite that I've not mentioned, please leave it in the comments!

Ellyn xx

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  1. I've never tried the high end ones you've included but I love those Maybelline ones too they're amazing quality! Definitely the best drugstore formula I've found so far!

    Jess //

  2. I found this post really interesting! I don't think I've tried a liquid lipstick on myself before. I'll definitely look into the ones you mentioned. I really like those shades! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm not really one for liquid lipsticks, I don't like the feel of my lips being dry, I'm still on the hunt to find a formula that suits me. I've heard great things about the maybelline ones. Great post.
    Katie xx

  4. I've always really wanted to get into wearing Lipsticks, but I never seem to be able to! I feel like it's because I haven't found the right colour for me that I love yet. I do like the shade of the Make Up For Ever - that looks gorgeous!


  5. I'm slightly ashamed to say that I've never tried any of these! My favourite ones are actually the Sephora own brand ones, not ideal when you live in England but at least they're affordable x



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