My Top Five Makeup Faves: MAC

It's been a while since I did my last favourite products from one brand post. The last one I did was for the brand Benefit Cosmetics, although that was mainly a collection post. One of my other 'higher-end' brands that I absolutely love is MAC. I remember when I first starting getting into make-up blogs and YouTube videos, MAC was one of the most used brands. It took a while for me to try, but I am so glad I did! Although originally targeted (and still is) at make-up artists, it has become a great overall make-up brand that can be found in all aspects of the industry, from film, theatre and retail! I've picked out my top five favourite products that I would recommend to everyone!

I've had a lot of hit and misses with illuminators in the past but this has to be one of the best I've tried. It's hits the balance of shimmer and glowy-ness perfectly so you can wear it all over the face, or just on the high points. At the moment, I go between wearing it alone, or mixing it with some foundation. Either way, it looks amazing on the skin and out of all the illuminators I've tried, it definitely gives the best faux glow. 

For me, it is always important to finish off my make-up with a powder. Loose powders have always been something I have gone on-and-off about trying. It always looked a little messy. Now I have tried one, I am so glad. Not only is this a proper translucent powder, it is very finely milled, and leaves a gorgeous silky finish on the skin. It also keeps my make-up lasting so much longer. I definitely think I will try more loose powders in the future. 

I have always found that non-black eyeliners have never been as good as a black eyeliner. Whilst nowadays, there are a lot more pigmented coloured eyeliners out there, it is hard to get one as good. However, I have found a contender. I really love the lip pencils from MAC as I will mention below, I had never tried the eye pencils but had pretty high hopes. Thankfully, Coffee eye pencil kept us! It is the best brown eyeliner I have ever used. Creamy, pigmented and lasts really well, even on the waterline. It is also less harsher on the eye then black.

As I briefly mentioned above, I am a big fan of the MAC lip pencils. I own five shades, and will continue to add to this in the future. At the moment, I am loving the shade Soar. It is a gorgeous pink, it's kind of a mix between a bright and a nude. I like wearing these alone or under a lipstick to form the perfect base. I would happily throw out all my other lip pencils in order to keep these!

One of my OG lipstick faves. MAC lipsticks are just one of the best lipsticks out there, especially the matte formulas. As it is a brand that targets make-up artists, it has an incredible amount of colours and textures. I personally always prefer matte or satin finishes in my lipsticks, and MAC has a great range. If you haven't tried a MAC lipstick, where have you been! If you want to try one thing from MAC, I would recommend getting a lipstick.

So these are my current faves from MAC. Have you tried MAC, if so what are your favourite products? Or if you haven't, is there anything you would like to try?

Ellyn xx

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