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Like many of us, I spent yesterday morning watching Prince Harry and Meghan (well, now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex) wed. I love weddings and watching all the excitement, seeing all the dresses. Meghan looked absolutely stunning. I'm not even in a relationship but I've already decided that I want a fanfare greeting when I arrive at my wedding. After watching it, it got me inspired to write up a post inspired by bridal beauty. If you are a bride, firstly I would recommend going to the Bobbi Brown website, as they have an entire section dedicated to bridal make-up. Now I am not a bride or a make-up artist, but I do have a passion for make-up and I follow these tips myself for fancy occasions.

Make-Up Staples 

Any make-up lover will want their make-up to last all day, and especially on important days like a wedding. A primer is an essential part of making that happen. Primer will keep your make-up lasting all day, as well as providing the perfect base for the rest of your make-up to sit on. There are many different formulations of primer at different price-points so definitely test out a few to find out which one is perfect for your skin. Depending on your style, and preference with make-up, you don't have to do all the same steps but primer is one step I would recommend not to leave out.

Setting Powder:
Just like primer, a good setting powder will help keep your make-up in place, but will also give the perfect finish to your base. Setting powder is also great at keeping the shine at bay, especially for your photographs. Even if you do not need it all over, it can just finish off the base in the perfect way.

Now hopefully, you will be glowing all on your own, but let's be honest, we all want that Instagram glow. I feel like highlighter done correctly just adds extra luminescence to your skin. Whether its in liquid or powder form, your highlight should just enhance your features, and just continue to make you the most beautiful bride. I would make sure the highlight isn't too shimmery/glittery, and to make sure it suits the colour of you skin, and the tone of your skin.

Other Beauty Tips:

Wear your favourite lipstick:
Many of the bridal tutorials that I have seen on YouTube, focus on natural beauty. Whilst that is no bad thing, it often includes a nude lipstick. I think you should wear whatever lipstick you love, who cares if you get a little red lippie on your husband/wife-to-be. You want to feel and look your best.

Bring some top-up products with you :
Whether its your lipstick, your perfume or some blotting paper, it will be handy to have some of these products with you. Weddings are emotional days, hopefully joyful but you might want to fix your make-up say before photos, or after any emotional speeches. Although hopefully your primer and setting powder are doing their best to keep your make-up fresh and long-lasting, it doesn't hurt to have some make-up with you. 

Tips from real brides and fellow bloggers!
Justine from Lil Jem And Baby E: "Keep it simple and stay true to yourself. There is no point in trying a new look on the day of your wedding - your partner is marrying the real you. I only got someone to do my makeup for me as it was one less thing for me to do, and there was a better chance of it staying put!"
Kirstin from The Tinberry Travels: "I had no make up whatsoever for my wedding day because I don't usually and I did a trial and it just looked terrible. Stick to what you're used to - don't go over the top and look like someone else just because it's your wedding day!" 
Victoria from The Growing Mum: "Less is definitely more I found and practice run is a must so you know exactly what you're getting on the day"
Bethan from A Pretty Place To Play: "I did the bridesmaids make up for a friends wedding a couple of years ago and my biggest tip is to go for product with staying power! Layering product works best - so a good primer, foundation and then setting spray. Avoid SPF (can look funny in photos) and remember touché eclat etc are highlighters, so can flash back. Build up gradually and you should have make up that lasts all day!"

Congratulations to Harry and Meghan, and any other brides reading this post. If you are about to get married, I hope you have the most amazing day, and remember, it is about you and your partner. Make it special for you!

Also, why not ask for a fanfare!

Ellyn xx

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