Monthly Memories: January

I’ve seen so many bloggers recently posting an update at the end of each month and I thought this year, I might give it a go. It might change as the months progress as I find my feet with it, how I want to write it etc. I’ve seen lots of people on social media complain about how long January has been and to be honest, until I saw these tweets/instagrams, I didn’t notice that it has felt a little long. This month has been quite nice for me and I am looking forward to the rest of the year!

January Recap - Life Of A Beauty Nerd
I had a very low-key New Year’s this year. In the last couple of years, my family have been going to see a musical on the West End before coming home to watch the new year come in. As New Year’s Eve was on a Sunday, we did not end up going as we did not want to see a matinee so instead I chilled out at home and watched Bright on Netflix (side note – I think the make-up team did a really good job making the Elves and Orcs look like they really could exist in modern times) with my cousin which was quite nice!

Getting back into waking up early was not so fun – I mean I say early, my alarm goes off at 7 and then I get up at 8, but because my body quickly adjusted to waking up at 9 over Christmas, the first few days were a bit of a struggle.

The most exciting thing that happened this month was meeting one of my favourite YouTubers and bloggers Helen Anderson!
With work I was very lucky to be invited to a NYX party at the Gherkin and when I walked in, I saw Helen. Not going to lie, I was a little star struck! After some self-encouragement I went over and spoke to her and she is lovely!!

She was so down-to-earth and just as cool in real life as she is in her videos! (She also liked my dress which felt cool.)

It was also my baby sister’s 11th birthday this month – which I still cannot completely accept because she is getting too big.

Blogging Update
This month marked one year since I started blogging again properly and I cannot believe that it has happened! My confidence with blogging and taking photographs has improved massively and I’m excited to continue in 2018!

I put up a giveaway which is still open until tomorrow morning, so you still have a chance to enter – click here to go to that blog post to enter!

At the end of last year, I was a lot more organised in planning what content I would write over the month and when it would go up. I’ve now included a ‘Blog Post Ideas’ page in my Bullet Journal so hopefully this will prevent me rushing around trying to come up with a post!

(It’s also working well for February as well as I already have six posts ideas!)

New Year’s Resolution Update
I have managed to keep to all my resolutions so far. Well, given its only been the first month of the year, it would be terribly disappointing if I couldn’t.

I met up with one of my oldest friends with a lovely lunch at Wahaca and it was so nice to catch up with her as we have not done it in ages. I also had a lovely shopping trip with my best friend Hannah which was great – tried a Caramel Hot Chocolate with coconut milk, I might be fully converted to only having coconut hot chocolates now.

I started and finished The Fellowship of The Ring. I read The Hobbit before Christmas, so I thought I would start the year with the Lord of The Rings series. One thing I did notice in comparison to the films, it takes ages for the Hobbits to leave The Shire, I can see why some of this did not end up in the film.

I did six workouts this month which is not a lot, but I’ve got some more workout gear so now I will always have clean ones to put on so hopefully this will motivate me to do even more workouts in February.

I am loving my Bullet Journal! It has been so therapeutic to write and draw out the monthly and weekly spreads and I have loved filling out my Habit Tracker. I follow Amanda Rach Lee for bullet journal stuff, but I had to create some of my own weekly spreads inspired by her theme and I like what I came up with!

So overall, January has been quite a decent month for me! I am looking forward to February (also because Pancake Day is in less than two weeks – way more important than Valentine’s Day which is the following day). I hope to continue keeping to my resolutions and putting up some good content.

How has January been for you and what are you looking forward to during the rest of the year?

Ellyn xx

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