New Hair Products I Am Loving

Just like your skin, your hair can get used to the products that you use and you won't get the results that you want all the time. For this reason, I like to switch up the products in my hair care routine so I can see the results that I want. I mentioned this in my hair care routine post but I'll say it again in case you haven't read that post, I have very thick hair that tends to frizz up a bit if it gets wet or when it dries naturally so I look for products that will nourish, protect and tame my hair. I have been using these new products for a while now and I really love using them.

New Hair Products I Am Loving - Life Of A Beauty Nerd
As I have very thick hair, I like to use a very hydrating moisturiser to help keep my hair hydrated and nourished. I also only need to wash my hair once a week so the more hydrating a conditioner, the longer my hair feels nourished. 

I am loving this conditioner! Although it contains coconut milk, it does not overload your hair with a coconut smell and I feel like I don't need to add too many post-shower products to my hair. It also seems to be lasting quite a while and given I am quite heavy-handed when it comes to conditioner, it surprises me that it is not empty yet!

I use a lot of conditioner and then a few products after my shower, once in a while I like to give my hair a good wash with shampoo to thoroughly cleanse and remove any potential product build-up. I haven't had a clarifying shampoo in a while and I was just doing a double shampoo instead but once I got this in my Birchbox, I remembered why they are so good.

This cleans your hair. CLEANS. It reminds me of when you use a solid soap, how your hand feels once it is dry and you feel like all the softness was taken out of your skin. I have only used this two times as it is powerful stuff and not a weekly shampoo, but my hair feels so much better after using it.

I like to blow-dry and then straighten my hair as I find it helps with frizz and make my thick hair feel less thick (if that makes any sense). I have never tried a hair primer before this one and so far, I am really enjoying using it. 

What is really great about this product is you can use it on both dry and wet hair. Previous hair protectants that I have used are only for wet hair and even if I spray a light layer before using my straightener, I feel like it dampens my hair a bit and I don't want that to use my straightner straight away. 

It also is helping keep my hair nice and soft and it the only real conditioning post-shower product I use. I also got this from a Birchbox, but this was from the box I made up when I took a visit to the pop-up shop on Carnaby Street with Stefan from Howste! I definitely think I will repurchase this and the Kebelo shampoo in full-size. 

So those are the new hair products in my routine that I am loving! Are there any new hair products in your routine that you love? Also if you have tried any of these products, let me know your thoughts too!

Ellyn xx

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