Top Three Nail Glitters For Fireworks Night

Fireworks Night, also known as Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes Night, is a celebration in the UK commemorating the defeat of the Gunpowder Plot where English Catholics attempted to assassinate James I (also James VI of Scotland). If you have watched the Gunpowder television series on BBC starring Kit Harrington, you will know that although Guy Fawkes was not alone in this plot, he was the one found with the explosives under the House of Lords in the British Parliament thus, the celebration is named after him. The main events nowadays are simply a bonfire that might have a figurine of Guy Fawkes and then a fireworks show. Glitter nails are perfect for emulating fireworks and in today's post I have picked out my favourites.

Leighton Denny Pretty In Plaid Nail Polish
Out the whole Heritage collection, Pretty In Plaid is definitely my favourite shade. It is a gorgeous burgundy with a gold glitter running through. The Glitter is a lot finer than two other glitter polishes so it is ever so slightly more everyday than them. This is probably the shade I will wear not only on Fireworks night but throughout Christmas time as well. I'm really enjoying using Leighton Debby polishes at the moment and they are fairly reasonably priced. Also I've been using the quick dry spray and it is actually really good!

Essie Summit Of Style Glitter Nail Polish
I've had this glitter for the longest and I love using it over darker colours, especially over dark blues to look like the night sky! I have had this for a while now, I believe I saw Lily Pebbles recommend it in one of her videos and I have loved it ever since! It is probably the hardest to get off of the three polishes but in turn, that does mean it lasts for a super long time as well. That's the problem with glitter, looks amazing and lasts for ages but, it a pain to get off!

Technic Kingfisher Blue Glitter Nail Polish
I use this the least out of the three but it is still a beautiful colour, very reminiscent of mermaids to me! My youngest sister loves this nail polish and always wants to wear it when she is on holiday from school, always one of the first things that she wants to do! Now I am not sure if you can buy Technic nail polishes indiviudally as I got this as part of a Christmas set.

To really emulate the firework displays, I would do a combination of at least two glitters over a dark blue or even black nail polish, unless you want to wear a proper glitter nail polish like Pretty In Plaid.

Hope everyone had a good October and Halloween and hope the rest of November is good too!

Ellyn xx

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