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Although the make-up products in my everyday or evening make-up looks change fairly regularly, I tend to stick with using the same make-up brushes. Just like a make-up product, a brush can make or break your overall look. I have had many brushes in the past that did not apply the product nicely or I just could not work with it. I have owned all this brushes for a while now and have all featured in my make-up routines for ages, whether I have been using them for the same purposes or not. Most of my brushes are from Real Techniques as I think they are a great affordable high quality brush brand which are accessible to everyone as they are stocked in so many shops.

Life Of A Beauty Nerd - Favourite Make-Up Brushes
Real Techniques Buffing Brush
This was part of the Core Collection and was the first Real Techniques brush that I started to use on an every-day basis. Since owning it, I have used it for foundation, concealer, setting powder but my new favourite use for the Buffing Brush is for contour. As the bristles are compact, it means I have more control about where I am putting the contour. It also allows for more product to be picked up so you don't have to keep swirling your brush in powder to try and look like you did actually put some on. This appeared in my recent Five Favourites post for September so check it out for more info.

Real Techniques Setting Brush
This year I have gotten really more into highlighter and this brush is my favourite to apply it with. It can apply a little too much sometimes if I am not too careful but let's be honest - 2017 is all about that ridiculous highlight. I did used to use it for setting my under-eye concealer but I found that it just made it look a little too powdered and cakey so I switched to using it with highlighter and I love it so much more for that.
Real Techniques Base Shadow Brushes
I have been using this brushes for so long now, I don't think I have ever switched out this brushes with others for what I use for in creating my eyeshadow look. I use the silver base shadow brush to apply my transition shade and then the purple one for applying the main eyeshadow on the lid. These eyeshadow brushes have seen so many different everyday eye looks and will probably continue to do so. They are such great brushes and if I could only keep one type of Real Techniques brush, it would be the Base Shadow brush. Obviously both would stay.

Real Techniques Blush Brush
The next two brushes are probably the most interchangeable in my routines. I started to use this to apply contour but it just did not apply it well enough but works great for normal bronzing. Even with super-concentrated powders, the shape and density of the brush means you always get a nice subtle bronze glow without it looking too intense. It is also great for blending out your make-up on your cheeks if you were a little too heavy handed with either blush, bronzer or even highlighter. I have also occasionally used this for powder but I mainly stick to using it for bronzer.

Real Techniques Dual Fibre Powder Brush
This was the brush that I mainly used to apply bronzer before I got the blush brush. This brush also does a great job at applying a soft layer of bronzer to the face and it's only fault is that it isn't that great at blending out other powders if I make a mistake. That is not to say the brush is rubbish as I do really love it. I got this as part of the Nic's Picks collection and I don't think you can buy it separately.

LiLique Powder Brush
I have had this brush for years now and I think I got it from TK Maxx so it probably not sold anymore. I like to use this brush to lightly set the concealer around my eyes and when I use concealer as a primer. It doesn't pick up too much powder which is great for setting concealer. Although you cannot get this brush anymore, or at least I cannot find it online, the packaging reminded me of EcoTools at the time so I'm sure they will have a similar brush.

Seventeen Cheeks and Eye Make-Up Brushes
I recieved both of these brushes in a Seventeen make-up set for Christmas and these are the only items that I really use from the set. The cheek brush is angled so it is perfect for applying blusher and I find it applies the perfect amount - enough that you can tell I've put some on, but not too much that I look like a clown. The eye brush is very dense and small so I like to use it to apply darker shades in the outer corner or to blend out eyeshadows when I am doing more of a smokey eye.

Unknown Crease Brush
I cannot remember where this brush came from. It is either from a gift set, or TK Maxx. Which I have no idea. Despite this, I think it is a great brush and it is a shame that I can't let you guys know where to get it! Most recently, I have been using it to apply a secondary crease colour over my transition shade. It does a great job of blending out eyeshadows as well, even darker ones.

So these are my current favourite brushes to use when doing my make-up, it is a shame that I couldn't find links for the last three as I think they are really good brushes but never dismiss lesser known brands or make-up brushes sold in places like TK Maxx! What are your favourite brushes - let me know in the comments.

Ellyn xx

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  1. I love RT brushes! I'm yet to try anything from their bold metals collection though even though I really want to!


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