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I cannot believe that it is already October, the year is seriously flying past. October also means Halloween and I wanted to do a few themed post this month. For many people, dressing up for 'trick-or-treating' ended a long time ago and if you are not going to any Halloween parties or dressing up at work, that doesn't man you can't get into the Halloween spirit with a dark lipstick. Now if you are brave enough to wear a black lipstick, go for it but that can be a bit too much for some people, even on Halloween. As I have spoken about most of these in prior posts, I am going to keep this post short and sweet and I will link to the posts where I have talked about them a bit more if you want more information

This lipstick is a great choice if you want to achieve the vampy-ness of a dark lipstick but do not have the confidence to wear a black lipstick. Antique Velvet is one of my favourite lipsticks and has one of the most comfortable but lasting matte formulas.

For those who prefer a liquid lipstick formula to a bullet, Done It Again is a great alternative to Antique Velvet that still achieves the dark vampy look.

I was really excited to try this as a metallic lipstick formula is something I have never tried. It is pretty much exactly like the original Matte Me Up liquid lipsticks from Barry M but you can see a more metallic finish. It is not as intense as a metallic finish is in other make-up products but I think it works. It is a gorgeous dark vampy purple and I think woild be perfect to add a little twist to your make-up.

Topshop Beauty Lipstick in Inhibition

Inhibition is a very easy purple lipstick to wear as it is a red-based purple so it is a lot easier to work with than other shades. It is also a satin finish so I think a lot of people would also prefer this if they don't like matte formulas.

Dark reds are probably the easiest dark lip colour to wear for anyone who doesn't normally venture into these types of colours. Plum This Show is a really beautiful colour, and I think is a really subtle way of embracing Halloween by going a little out there, but still looks professional and glamourous! I really like the Stay Matte formula and they are super affordable as well!

This was one of the first dark lipsticks I ever owned and I still think it looks fabulous. Grand Cru is slightly darker and more red than Plum This Show and I think this would look amazing on everyone no matter their skintone - and I think you could totally rock this at Christmas as well as Halloween!

I am sorry that there is not a bit more meat to this post but I am worried that people are starting to get bored everytime I mention some of these products! I really want to do some more themed posts so if you have any ideas for posts, please leave them below - this month's smoothie recipe for Halloween has already been thought of and I really hope it works out!

Ellyn xx

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  1. I am all about the berrys when it comes to lips - love this time of year!


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