Nail Polishes For Autumn 2017

In terms of colour palettes, autumn is always one of my favourite seasons. I love wearing deeper shades of reds, greens, browns in my outfits, make-up (well, not always the greens) and especially in nail polishes. Although there are always specific colour trends that pop up every year, these kinds of colours will always be around. Today's post is all about what nail polishes I want to wear this autumn season. Most of these shades appeared in my nail polish collection post so check that out if you want to know any more of my thoughts.

Autumn Nail Polishes
O.P.I Brisbane Bronze
When it comes to nail polishes in metal tones, I feel like bronze is quite underrated. This came out with the Australia collection back in 2007, but I picked mine up at TK Maxx a while after that. Like with a lot of the nail polishes in my collection, I should probably throw it away but the formula is just as good and doesn't have a weird smell for the moment, I'm still using them. I think this is a great colour to transition from the summer into autumn as it is not too dark.

O.P.I Cuckoo For This Color
Green can often be one of those colours that people can find difficult to wear but I find it is easiest to wear in nail polishes. Cuckoo For This Color is a great choice as it is not too bright or too warm. I love wearing this colour in the autumn and even going into the winter. This came out in the Swiss Collection in 2010 so its not as old!

Lottie.London Lottie Lacquer in Voltage
I love this colour. Well, colours. It was the duo-chrome finish that attracted me to this nail polish and I still love it. I find that it mostly goes between a purplish hue and then a more greenish hue in different lights. I mentioned in the nail polish collection post that it reminds me of how petrol looks.

Leighton Denny Nail Polish in Gemstone Buzz
Red is always a classic nail polish colour in many seasons including the autumn. I received this particular nail polish in ELLE UK but you can still buy it individually from Leighton Denny. I would say it is in-between a classic red and a burgundy as it is not too dark but it definitely has more of a burgundy-tone in the red than a classic red. I also like wearing this on my toes in the cooler months as well as on my fingernails. It is also a perfect colour to keep for Christmas!

Leighton Denny Nail Polish in Pretty In Plaid
Through my internship, I have been very fortunate to be able to attend a few events and recently I went to a breakfast with Leighton Denny and their PR team to celebrate the launch of the new Heritage Collection for the autumn. I met some lovely people and we all had the opportunity to get our nails done and I chose Pretty In Plaid. I love how this looks, it is a gorgeous cranberry colour with a subtle shimmer running through it and I have had many complements on this colour which is always nice!

So these are the colours that I am going to wear this autumn, I would love to know what colours you are going to wear and if you have tried any of these polishes before and your thoughts!

Ellyn xx

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