Inside My Makeup Collection: Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit has been one of my favourite brands for a very long time. I have always liked the stand-out packaging and I like although it is a higher-end brand, it is not extremely expesnive so I think it is a great place to start if you are interested in buying higher-end makeup. I have had many Benefit products over the years but this is what I currently have in my collection - since I took this photo, I managed to get my Hoola bronzer back from my sister but when you read this, I am on holiday and I did not have time to include it in this image but I do absolutely love it!


High Beam is still one of the most popular liquid illuminators out there. For me, it's an 'ok' product. Whilst it does do a great job of illuminating the skin, I find it is a little too pink-toned on its own on my skin. I have recently been mixing it with a small amount of my L'Oreal illuminator which is more of a bronze and it has been working out much better!

I find cream-based cheek products can be a bit hit-or-miss but I actually really like this product. I never really see anyone talk about this but it is a good product and great for summer and also if you are in a rush. It is super easy to apply and blend and don't worry, once it is blended, you do not have any discint stripes on your face!

I recieved this in my Birchbox but I am yet to try it. I had tried Benetint but I found it was too liquidy to use other than on the lips, but Cha Cha Tint appears to have more of a cream formula so hopefully it will be easier to use on the cheeks. If you have tried this, please let me know how it worked out for you!

Sugarbomb is one of my most used blushes. It provides a nice flush of warmth to the skin and has a subtle shimmer so when I apply my highlighter, my cheeks do not look overloaded with shimmer. Although this blush has four different colour tones, you can't really use them individually but it isn't too much of a problem as I do like the overall colour that you get on the cheeks.


Big Beautiful Eyes Eyeshadow Palette
When I first got this palette, I used it all time as I liked the eyeshadows but it also had the Boing concealer in my shade and I loved the Boing concealer - I haven't tried the new Boing yet but I hope it's as good as the original! I still really like this palette but I only really use the matte brown shade as I prefer wearing matte eyeshadow. I think this is a great palette for someone just starting to make-up as the colours are not too intense and you have all the shadows you need to create a nice everyday look.

They're Real Lengthening Mascara
The two mascaras in this post are probably my two favourite mascaras of all time. I have gone through several They're Real mascaras in both full size and tester (like I have at the moment) and I will continue to purchase in rotation with the one below. I have very small eyelashes so I don't get lots and lots of length but that's the same with all mascaras on me but I love how this makes my eyelashes look and it also works great in combination with other mascaras.

Roller Lash Super-Curling and Lifting Mascara
I did not think I would ever love a mascara as much as They're Real.. until this came along! I like the shape of the brush and I like how it gives me the same look as They're Real so whichever one I happen to be using, I know I am going to get a finish that I like! I do prefer the smaller size of this as I find the wand is quite long and I find with the smaller size, I have slightly more control but I still love it either way!

My other favourites from Benefit that I do not have at the moment are the Boing concealer and the Lemon Aid primer - which is great if you want an eyeshadow base that does not have a transparent finish!

Ellyn xx

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