My Topshop Lipstick Collection

As I have gotten older and more into beauty, I have often been sceptical when it comes to high street fashion brands bringing out beauty collections. However, it is now a silly preconception to have as many beauty collections from the high street shops can often be just as good or even better than the beauty brands found in department stores. One such example is Topshop Beauty. Topshop is on the higher end of 'high street' but I do think that their beauty range is very reasonably priced. I do only own lipsticks from the range but I have heard great things about the other products that they do.

Clockwise from top: Straight Ace, Hazard, All About Me, Inhibition

All About Me
I have mentioned before on this blog that I have a long-standing love for bright lipsticks and this lipstick is a perfect example. All About Me is an absolutely stunning bright fuchsia pink with a satin matte finish. This is such a comfortable shade to wear which I think is important to mention as I think people can be afraid of bright mattes because they might feel too drying (Ruby Woo, sorry babe). It also has incredible lasting power and I think it would make a great alternate to red lipstick if you fancy a change!

Straight Ace and Inhibition
As I said in my nail polish collection post, purple is my favourite colour but I don’t actually wear it very often in clothes or makeup. I have tried to inject more of this beautiful colour into my makeup life and Straight Ace and Inhibition are examples of this. 

Straight Ace was the first purple lip colour I have bought and unfortunately it is the one I wear the least. Although it is a gorgeous mid-tone purple with slight golden shimmer, I have never been able to find a way to wear it. It is definitely a shade that would look stunning on dark skin-tones and I am still determined to find a way to wear it. In real life it is a little warmer than it is showing up in the photo, but I could not get it any better than this. 

Inhibition is more of a red-based purple and I do wear this fairly often. This also has the satin matte finish that All About Me has so it is just as comfortable to wear on the lips. In comparison to other dark lip colours that I own, it is a little patchy so I would wear a lipliner underneath to help with the intensity but it will last. 

Hazard is the only red lipstick from Topshop that I own and after owning this, I don’t think I will buy another red lipstick from Topshop unless I was restocking Hazard. It is another satin matte finish lipstick in gorgeous classic red shade. If you have not found your perfect red lipstick, I would recommend giving this a test drive. The best thing about this in my opinion, is that is pretty much a perfect dupe for Ruby Woo. It is ever so slightly warmer but only if you put them next to each other and it is so much more comfortable to wear. So if you aren’t a fan of the texture of Ruby Woo but love the colour, give this a crack!

Ruby Woo (L) Hazard (R)
If you have tried any of these lipsticks or any of Topshop's beauty range I would love to hear your thoughts!

Ellyn xx

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