My Top 3 Favourite Restaurants in London

Like all major cities, London is full of incredible places to eat. As I have grown up here, I have been to so many wonderful restaurants that I would recommend to people when they were visiting London. However, also like major cities, London restaurants can sometimes carry a hefty price tag and it is a shame because they are so many amazing food places in London that are very reasonably priced. Today I am going to talk about my top 3 favourite restaurants to go to in London and the best part is, they all do great food and don't break the bank!

There is something special about freshly made pizza from a restaurant - sorry Domino's, it's just not the same. I had seen people rave about Homeslice on social media and I really wanted to give it a go. I have been to the Covent Garden and Fitzrovia locations in central London and if you are going with a couple of people, I would recommend the Fitzrovia (which is behind Oxford Street) as it is much bigger. My favourite pizza to get there is the salami, rocket and parmesan which is available in individual slices as well as the iconic 20" pizzas that they are famous for. All the pizza flavours are available in the 20" pizza and are £20 but only 3 are available by the slice and they are £4 per slice. All in all I think it is very reasonably priced for what you get and it is a great place to go with friends without breaking the bank.
Wahaca is definitely my favourite restaurant right now for Mexican food, it used to be Las Iguanas but now I am all about Wahaca. I have always loved Mexican food, we like the Old El Paso fajita kits as a family dinner sometimes. My absolute favourite thing from Wahaca is their guacamole, I don't know if it has any special ingredients but it is amazing! When I have been with my family, we often chose a selection of food from the Street Food part of the menu. The portions are slightly smaller than they would be if they were an individual meal but the Street Food menu is a great option if you are going with three or more people. My top picks from the Street Food menu are corn, black bean, guacamole & smoky chicken and avocado tostadas and the black bean and cheese quesadilla.

They also have a great selection of cocktails including four different margarita flavours - I recently had the passion fruit margarita and it was very good, worked with the tequila nicely. I cannot do tequila on its on but in a good margarita, I don't mind it.

Wagamama (a.k.a the Promised Land)
Anyone who knows me well would know that if I am writing about my favourite restaurants in London or in general, Wagamama would make the list. I love Wagamama so much and probably go there more than any other restaurant. In the Wagamama in my town, I used to be able to tell if they had a change of staff - yes, I went that much. Wagamama is also a great restaurant to go on your own and not feel weird, I have been to many Wagamama locations on my own and most times, they have been other people also there for food on their own.

My absolute favourite meal to get is the Chicken and Prawn Cha Han - although I don't eat the prawns. If I am with a friend, I will offer the prawns to them but if I am on my own I will just ask to not include them. I also don't eat the pickles they come with as an accompaniment but it is such a small bowl that I don't feel guilty. I also like the Yaki Soba which is a sort of noodle equivalent of the Cha Han. The Chicken Katsu curry that they do is also really good! I really should try more of the menu but I am the kind of person that once I find a dish that I like, I will order it all the time!!

The drink selection is also really good and I often go for either the Clean Green juice or the peach iced tea!

So these are my top 3 London restaurants, all three are great places to go alone or with a group of people and are pretty reasonably priced! I know Wagamama and Wahaca both have locations outside of London so even if you don't live here, you might be able to find a location closer.  If you have been to any of these restaurants I would love to know what you like to order and I'll definitely consider trying them!

Ellyn xx

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  1. Haha I actually visited home slice at the beginning of Feb and it was so good! I'm really fussy about pizzas but I was so impressed with theirs! Also Wahaca is my favourite place EVER, seriously I had lunch by myself the other day at work there because I was like I want it too much. Such a fab place and good value for money!


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