My Favourite Lipstick and Lipliner Combinations

Ever since I first started getting into makeup and wearing it on a regular basis, lipstick has been at the forefront of my makeup life. Although I have changed and tried many different products over the years I have never really changed how I did my makeup and the only thing I really would change is the lipstick I would be wearing. Today's post features all my current lipstick and lip liner shades and combinations that I have been going for most.

M.A.C Stone Lip Pencil
I first fell in love with this lip pencil before I even owned it and it was all down to Jessie from the YouTube channel sunbeamsjess and it started a life mission to own this product! Unfortunately, it was a very popular shade of lip pencil so it did take a couple of months for me to finally get my hands on it - it was always sold out in store and online! It was a lot browner than I was originally expecting and it can take a while for it to fully cover my lips so I always run my brush I use for concealer over my lips before applying to help achieve the opaqueness I want without my natural lip colour peaking through. I now really want to own the matching lipstick...

M.A.C Whirl Lip Pencil and Lipstick
Brownish nudes have been a very popular lip trend for a while and I can see it continuing as we go through 2017. Whirl lip pencil has been my go-to lip liner for a while now as it is pigmented enough to wear alone, but also works great under lots of other lipstick shades without altering the colour. The lipstick is darker than the lip pencil which might be something to consider before purchasing it, thus when paired together it is more on the darker side of brownish nudes. I think it is a lipstick combination that works great in both the night and the day so it is definitely a combination which you can get your money's worth out of them. 

M.A.C Whirl Lip Pencil and Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick in Pommie Girl
So as I said earlier, Whirl lip pencil works great under many lipsticks and the shade of lipstick I probably use it most under is Pommie Girl. Pommie Girl is a gorgeous berry lipstick from Soap&Glory's newest addition to the Sexy Mother Pucker lip products. I have tried the original Sexy Mother Pucker glosses and did not like them but I was very interested in trying the lipsticks. The range comes in three different shade ranges - Nudes, Pinks and Reds. On a separate note, the colour of the mirror packaging reflects each range. On darker skin tones, I think this shade will make a gorgeous berry nude whilst on lighter skin tones, it will stand out more but I still think this could work during the day. 

M.A.C Chestnut Lip Pencil and Antique Velvet Lipstick
This combination is another sunbeamsjess influenced purchase - so much so taht I immediately purchaed the two products after I saw her wearing them in this video. The lighting in the video makes the combination look lighter than it is so I warn any potenial buyers - it is very dark. Chestnut in terms of formula is my favourite of all my M.A.C lip pencils as it feels a lot softer and it is extremely pigmented. I occasionaly worry about wearing darker lip colours as I have dark brown hair but I love how this looks. I wear this combination most with my hair up as I think it might look a little too 'Halloween' on myself if I kept my hair down. It also has incredible staying power, I would put out the statement that it is 'lunch-proof''. 

There are still days when I don’t put as much effort into what I am wearing on lips if I’m quickly running to the town or I am in a rush and I often use Mocha by M.A.C or Blushing Nude by Clinique in these instances. I also am enjoying NYX liquid lipsticks now they have finally landed in many Boots stores outside of Central London. However, on most days when I am wearing makeup I will go for one of these colours and combination. On a final note, I did not realise until writing this post that they each feature a M.A.C liner or lipstick, not intentional but does show that they do make fantastic lip products and worth the money. 

Ellyn xx

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