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Liquid lipsticks have been around in the beauty universe for quite a while but during 2016, they became extremely popular with more and more brands bringing out their own versions. As a lipstick lover, I was very keen to try out liquid lipsticks and I am want to expand my current collection. Whilst I do own a couple of other liquid lipsticks, they are still within the 'trial' phase so I did not include them in this post. All these products have been tried and tested for a while and I have made my mind up on how I feel about these products.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets
The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Ole Flamingo was my first dive into the world of liquid lipstick after watching Anna from the TheAnnaEdit wearing it. I was very into bright lip colours and I loved how it looked! Since then, I have purchased the shades Nude-ist and Grand Cru and I love them!

Although in comparison to other liquid lipsticks take a while to set but trust me, once it is set - it is set! I often go towards these lip colours on nights out as I know that no matter how many drinks I have, the lip colour is not budging! The incredible staying power in this product does mean that it dries to a very matte finish which can be a bit too drying so it might not be one for you if you are not a massive fan of matte finishes. The colours are very true to what you see in the packaging so I do like to apply Ole Flamingo and Grand Cru in thin layers as the colours are so bold so I like to be careful with application.

NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick
Ever since NYX arrived on British shores I have been slowly checking out their products. As well as being into brownish-nudes, another lip trend that I am into was the cool-toned nudes. It is a trend that can make some people look a bit dead if you are not wearing the right colour but I think when you find the perfect cool-toned nude it looks great! For me, NYX Lip Lingerie in Embellishment is the perfect cool-toned nude for my skin-tone and I have worn this so much since purchasing it. My favourite things about this product beside the colour is not needing a lip liner underneath, it has great staying power and how comfortable it feels on the lips despite the matte finish. It also dries very quickly but i know for some people that could be a negative.

One thing I have noticed in other people's reviews about this product is that it does have a very long applicator. It does carry a lot of product because of this so you do have to be careful when applying and it might be something to consider if you have a smaller mouth or thin lips.

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid
I cannot remember why I bought this and unfortunately, I do regret this purchase. Although this is called a 'matte' lip colour, it does not dry matte and the only 'matte' thing about it is that there is no shimmer in this product. The fact that it does not fully dry always makes me nervous when I try to wear this as I am always worrying about if it is smudging or coming off. It also has a large applicator for the size of the product. Although the coverage of this shade is good, I have heard in other reviews that most of the other colours in this range do look patchy on the lips. Sadly, I will not be purchasing anymore of this liquid lipstick.

As I mentioned at the top of the post, I am really interested in expanding my liquid lipstick collection so if you have any favourite liquid lipsticks that you think I should try please leave a comment!

Ellyn xx

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