The Best Matte Lipsticks - Charlotte Tilbury Edition

If I'm wearing lipstick, you had better believe it is matte. I have never been a fan of glossy or 'slippery' finishes - you will never see me in lip gloss! However a lot of people also feel the same way about matte lipsticks. Whilst I was cleaning out my makeup drawer and my huge collection of lipsticks, I found lots of old favourites including two from Charlotte Tilbury. This has inspired me to create a series of blog posts featuring my favourite matte lipsticks from different brands. I want to include both a regular and liquid lipstick option. First up, Charlotte Tilbury!

For a show-stopping 'ooh là là' lip, look no further than Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution, which is not only phenomenally long-wearing, but also remarkably hydrating. Enriched with the aptly named 'lipstick tree' extract - with powerful protective and reparative properties - alongside specialist '3D' pigments to create the illusion of enhanced lip fullness

Whilst I am still a very big fan of liquid lipsticks, it is just so quick and easy sometimes to use a ‘normal’ lipstick. Charlotte Tilbury has a few different ranges of lipstick, I personally prefer a matte finish so Matte Revolution is my go-to. Available in 22 shades, from pinks, reds and skin-tone shades, there should be a shade for everyone. Or a couple if you are a fellow lipstick addict! 

When it comes to matte finishes in lipsticks, the worry of dryness can ward people away. If you want a matte finish without dryness, I would always suggest a lipstick first over liquid. This formulation is very similar to MAC’s matte lipsticks. Still gives you a proper matte finish, but is extremely comfortable on the lips. I have the shade Supermodel here and I absolutely love it. I think it is also a shade that actually has the chance to work on a variety of skin-tones. 

Hollywood Lips

Take your lips to Tinseltown and get red carpet-ready with Charlotte Tilbury’s must-have Hollywood Lips. An effortless shortcut to timeless glamour, these matte contour liquid lipsticks glide on like a gloss, set in soft-focus matte and nurture lips with a light-as-air, full-coverage formula. 

As I said above, many people tend to prefer a matte lipstick over a matte liquid lipstick as the latter has the tendency to be more dry. I’ve used a plethora of liquid lipsticks over the years, many of which I’ve featured on the blog. However I really don’t see many people talking about the Hollywood Lips. This is available in 11 shades, sadly the colour variety is not as varied, however there might be a red or pink that works for a lot of people.

This has a very slightly mousse-y texture, but is really easy to apply and blend. It is also very comfortable. It is easily one of the most comfortable matte liquid lipsticks in my collection. I have the shade Too Bad I’m Bad. It is described as a rose pink, but to me it is definitely more pink. I feel like this is a shade that screams spring! Maybe I should wear it more to entice the warmer weather!

Have you tried these lipsticks?

Ellyn xx

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  1. I've never tried Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks before, and I like you prefer matte lipsticks! I'll have to check them out soon��x

  2. I love Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks there some of the best out there. I haven't tried these shades so defiantly adding them to my wish list as their beautiful.

    Heather |


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