Frizz Free Hair With Only Two Products?

It always baffled me when I hear people crave wavy hair. And I'm sure a lot of natural-wavy haired people might agree. The waves you see in the adverts, or after blow-outs are not the natural waves we have. When I was younger, my hair was just above shoulder-length and thanks to my wave, it would look triangular. A lot of wavy hair also tends to be frizzy. I used to use at least four different products, two hairdryers and straighteners every week to try and combat the frizz. However that's all changed. I've managed to de-frizz my hair with only two products.

I will say that my hair is not completely frizz free, but it is 98% better than what it used to be. I could never finish my hair routine with blow-drying and straightening. However, whilst I used to think it helped de-frizz my hair, I'm now wondering if it was making it frizzy. Since I started trialing this new system, I haven't picked my hairdryer, and I've only used my straightener once.

Before, I would never let my hair dry naturally, especially without product. Yet now, I can let it dry naturally, with only two products and it doesn't look like I've been struck by lightning then dragged through a hedge backwards! I also think reducing my product use has also helped, it's letting the products do their jobs without being overloaded with something else.

One styling product that I have always stuck by is a hair serum. I've used many hair products over the years but a serum is something that I know works. For a long time I would use the John Frieda Frizz Ease (the purple one), but I've been using this from L'Oreal for quite some time now and I think I prefer it.

It is slightly more liquidly in consistency, blends well into the hair and doesn't leave you with sticky hands. You apply it on towel-dried hair which is easier to make sure you have applied enough. It will also last you absolutely ages. I'm not even halfway and I've had it for at least a year! 

I've tried quite a few products from Percy & Reed and I still haven't found one that I don't like. I've been using this for a while now and I've been loving it. It has the same smell as most Percy & Reed products do which I quite like! 

It has a slightly thicker texture than other styling creams I've used, but it works easily into the hair. It also doesn't leave any weird residue (like you can get when you haven't washed out all your conditioner), even as the hair is drying without heat. It also has heat protectant in case I then want to straighten my hair. 

Keep it wrapped! 

The only other thing I do is to keep my hair in a towel turban for a little longer than I would if I was blow drying. I think this helps a little with stopping frizz going out. I also make sure to brush it a few times as it is drying.

I don't think my hair will ever be the sleekest of sleek, but considering what it used to be like, it has come along way. If you do have frizz in your hair, I hope some of these things I do and use might help you, but everyone's hair is different.

What do you do to look after your hair?

Ellyn xx

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  1. Frizz free hair sounds right up my street! Definitely need to try these products out, my hair looks frizzy about 10 minutes after I straighten it lol I do always use a heat protection spray but will gave to give the Sleek serum one a go. I never blow dry my hair anymore, not used a hair dryer in about 2 years so always keep it wrapped in a towel for a bit longer, thats definitely a good tip.

    Jordanne ||


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