First Impressions - Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Crayon

If you’ve read a lot of my blog post, you might notice that I am a big fan of the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Inks. They are one of the best high-street liquid lipsticks that I have tried. I did a ‘First Impressions’ post with them back in May last year. So when I saw an advert for Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Crayons, I only thought it fair to do another first impressions post with them. You know, because I needed to have a good reason for buying more lipstick. Let’s see what I thought!

Like with the Matte Inks, I decided to choose two shades to test out, a more natural-looking shade and a red. I think it is always good to test lipsticks out with at least one red shade. A good red lipstick says a lot about the formula. 

Shade Range

There are 12 shades overall, and it looks like there is a mixture of colours in lights and darks so hopefully there should be at least one shade to suit everyone. I believe they have got other shades in the Matte Inks since they launched so they might also bring out more shades of these crayons in the future. 

I chose the shades Lead The Way and Own Your Empire. I would describe Lead The Way as a light rose-pink, and Own Your Empire is  a slightly dark red. 

Lead The Way

One thing I noticed is how easy it is to apply. Yet you do have to be careful, as it is quite easy to accidentally overdraw. When you first apply, it looks like a moisturising lipstick, but as time went on, it did dry down to more of a matte-satin finish. I really liked the colour of this, I’ve got a few rose-pink shades, but I felt like this was the most natural-looking on me. I actually prefer this shade to my Matte Ink version (Seductress).

It lasted pretty well throughout the morning, but like a lot of lighter lipsticks it did come off a but in the centre of my lips after eating lunch. There was still some around the edges. However it did not look too noticeable. As it is very similar to a traditional lipstick, it reapplies really easily, which is not always as achievable with liquids. 

Own Your Empire

As I tried this after Lead The Way, I remembered to be careful when applying it. I also think darker lip shades can be easier to apply in some ways as you can see exactly where you are putting the colour. I decided to not use a red lip pencil underneath like I usually would to give it a fair test against Lead The Way but to also see how it fares alone.

Similarly to Lead The Way, it did come off a little in the centre after eating, but there was still much more on the lips which is true for most darker or bold colours. It again reapplied super easily. 


I will say that these are not quite as long-lasting as the Matte Inks. However that is true with most liquid versus traditional lipsticks. They both felt very comfortable to apply and wear. In some ways I think crayons can be easier for most people to apply as you can be quite precise. 

Another thing that I do like is that they both come with an in-built sharpener, and as I'm always misplacing my one - that is very handy!

I think in the future I would buy more shades of these as they are really nice lipsticks.

Would you try these lip crayons?

Ellyn xx

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  1. These sound fab and such good value for money! Hopefully they'll come out with more shades soon as 12 isn't that much in my opinion, but it deffo could be worse!


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