My Desert Island Beauty Picks - 'Nude' Lipstick

Another month, another desert island beauty picks. I've really been enjoying writing this series, and really thinking about what products I actually love the most. As I did red lipsticks last month, I thought I would continue with other shades. You might have noticed that in the title, I have put nude in apostrophes. Nude is not a universal lipstick shade, nude is the colour of your skin. So my picks, work for my skin tone. However with these lipsticks, it is definitely more about the formula but each of these do come in a variety of shades so you should be able to find the shade for you.  Let's see what I would take!

MAC Mocha

You know when you've got to leave the house in less than a minute and you want to put some lippie on? This lipstick is my go-to 'quick lip'. I love MAC lipsticks, especially their Matte and Satin formulas. Mocha is a satin finish, but still lasts pretty well so Satin finishes might be one to try if you aren't a massive fan of matte lipsticks.

As MAC is a makeup artist brand, their shade collection is insane. Their website also has divided lipsticks into shade collections, including nudes so you should be able to find a shade that works for you. 

I would describe Mocha as a light terracotta. I think this could work on a variety of skin tones, but don't hold me to that. 

See their full selection of shades here.

Considering the shade Pioneer featured in my red lipsticks desert island post, it's not surprising that my nude shade is featuring in this post. The Super Stay Matte Inks are some of my favourite liquid lipsticks that I own, and to be honest if they all suited me, I would probably own the entire collection. 

These are not drying, they are a little tacky but nothing particularly uncomfortable. Seductress is more of a pale rose-pink shade. I also like that I can wear this with or without a lip liner. I often find paler shades work better with a lip liner underneath.

See their full selection of shades here.

Having tried my first Melted Matte at the end of last year, they've made a huge impact on my beauty collection. They are definitely one of the most comfortable liquid lipsticks that I have tried. I actually have two nude shades, Sell Out and Child Star. I chose Sell Out as it is a little darker and I think it would work better all year round.

Sell Out is almost a combination of Mocha and Seductress. It has a hint of warmth, but is still on the pinker side. Child Star is a very sixties, quite pale pink but does dry down a smidge darker. 

Looking at their website, it does look like there is a reasonable number of nude shades, so hopefully there is something for everyone. 

See their full selection of shades here.

What 'nude' lipsticks would you take to a desert island?

Ellyn xx

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  1. I LOVE a good nude, they are my go to and I don't think I'd go anywhere without my NYX Soft Matte Lip cream in Abu Dhabi! These are some pretty shades x


  2. I love MAC Mocha - I wear it all the time! Another nude I love is MAC Patisserie, which is a glossy lipstick x

  3. I've had my eye on that Too Faced melted matte shade for a while! Really need to get my hands on it. Great reviews x

  4. I never know how to pick the right nude for me haha I'm always picking one and they never look flattering on me

  5. I never know how to pick the right nude for me haha I'm always picking one and they never look flattering on me

  6. I Love me a good nude color! I've yet to try any of the the Too Faced melted colors...I definitely need to get some of those! I've heard nothing but good things


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