How To Make The Perfect Smoothie Bowl

I have always been a fan of smoothies, and in the last few years I have been loving smoothie bowls even more. A big surprise I’m sure to regular readers. Not. After making and sharing a reasonable amount of recipes, I have found a ‘formula’ that helps me achieve a great and delicious smoothie bowl every time. As the summer is truly heating up, I thought this would be the perfect time to share my tips with you. Let’s get to it!

Frozen Fruit

I like to start every smoothie bowl I make with one frozen banana, and a cup of another type of frozen fruit. The best fruits alongside bananas that I find work the best have been summer berries (the one I use has raspberries, blackberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants), but also blueberries and mango. They all work well to provide a thicker, creamy texture to your smoothie bowl. Whilst I haven’t tried it yet, I also think cherries would be a good option too.

When I’ve made tropical inspired bowls, I have found that if the base is not mango, it can be quite hard to get the same texture. A lot of tropical fruit mixes include pineapple and papaya and they end up slightly watery. Still delicious though!


If you either need to add more creaminess, thickness or smoothness, adding some yoghurt can really help. It is also a great way to add in another flavour. The amount I use will depend on each smoothie bowl, but it is usually no more than a couple of tablespoons. I try to keep my smoothie bowl recipes vegan, but if it is a last minute recipe, I do use normal yoghurt.

However the dairy-free ranges in supermarkets are expanding a lot, and I really like Alpro’s yoghurts, which in fact taste exactly like their dairy counterparts. I think its the soya which has the same tang as natural yoghurt. 

Additional Extras

I always like to add some extra bits, usually a squeeze of honey or golden syrup, and some chia seeds. Again, the chia seeds will help with thickness, they are also a good source of fibre. You can also add any other seeds, or protein powders, maca powder, spirulina powder etc. 

A smoothie, juice or smoothie bowl is a great way to pack in as many nutrients, but still have something that tastes delicious! For toppings, I like a fresh banana, more chia seeds, granola to add some crunch, and more syrup! If we have any extra fruit like strawberries, I will have those as well.

Basically fill it and top it with whatever you fancy. And if you are not taking a picture for Instagram, don’t worry about it looking perfect. As soon as I am done taking the blog pictures, I stick my spoon in and thoroughly mix it all together. 

If you want to check out any of my recipes, I have made a whole section where you can find them all! 

I want to keep making new recipes for you, so if you have any ideas or requests, please let me know in the comments!

Have you made a smoothie bowl before?

Ellyn xx

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  1. I have never tried a smoothie bowl yet and you have given me so many yummy ideas. I can't wait to try them. Love this blog post.

  2. I never tried a smoothie bowl but I always wanted to try something different. I think the tropical fruit bowl would be perfect for me because I love pineapples!


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