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Essie is one of my favourite nail polish brands. They are great quality but still affordable and come in a huge variety of shades. They are also available in more 'regular' stores, a lot of other higher-end brands are often only stocked in salons. We all have our favourite shades which we would repurchase over and over again, so in today's post I would talk about mine. Whilst obviously I will wear other versions from other brands of these shades, but if I could only keep one, it would be these.

The only pink nail polishes that I'm ever really drawn too are deeper or bright red-pinks, and corals. So basically, I like pinks that aren't really pink and have red in them. Those brighter Barbie-like colours do not work on me, and I'm just not a fan so for me personally, a colour like Cute As A Button is a much better fit.

Described as a persimmon delight of coral, Cute As A Button is a bright coral that really stands out on the nails and screams summer. Alongside Fifth Avenue, this is one of my go-to nail polishes in the summer. It looks gorgeous on the nails, on the hands and feet. 

Whilst purple is my favourite colour without a doubt, there is something about this shade of blue that I absolutely adore. My two favourite things in this shade are this nail polish, and the Fiat 500. One thing I will say that it does often change colour a little after putting a top coat on, not badly but it does go a tiny bit darker. 

It also has a gorgeous subtle shimmer running through it which just amps it up more in my eyes. Also the name is hilarious. I tend to wear this more in the winter/start of spring when I don't have a summer tan as I think it just looks a little better, especially as I tend to go slightly orange with my tan (in a good way). I do think this could look stunning as a pop of colour on darker skin tones. 

I've tried many red nail polishes but this is the one that I would always go back too. What's also great, is that I always forget how good it looks on the nails, and then feel so happy when I start wearing it again. Whilst it has a slightly orange-tint, to me it still feels like a classic red.

I often wear this on the feet, there is just something about red nail polish that naturally gravitates it to be my choice colour on my toenails. Whilst I would, and do wear this shade all year round, it gets it most uses in the warmer months. 

Summit Of Style

It's a shame that this was limited edition, because it is just lovely. It works on top of so many different colours, from dark navys to reds. I believe I got this after seeing Lily Pebbles talk about it. Like a lot of chunky glitters, it can be a bit of a pain to get off, but on the flipside it means that it really helps the overall nail polish look last longer - you don't have to bother with a top coat after to be honest.

I really hope one day this might make a reapperance as I should probably throw this away, but I just can't! I'd like to try Essie's other glitters so watch this space! 

Do you have any new spring faves?

Ellyn xx

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  1. I always wanted to Fifth Avenue because it looks like a lovely shade of red.


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