Fashion Challenge - No Leggings March

I love leggings. I used to own a ridiculous amount of patterned leggings, and I literally wore them everyday. Whilst I've got rid of a lot of those old pairs, I still have a load of plain black pairs, and if I don't have to leave the house for anything fancy or important, I'm wearing my leggings. I want to post more fashion content on this blog so I decided to set myself a fun challenge - No Leggings March. Now I know today is not the last day of March, but I have something else planned for my Instagram tomorrow so I thought I would share my post today. Don't worry I won't be wearing leggings tomorrow! Let's see how I got on with this challenge!

The Struggle Is Real

Ever had those days when you look at your wardrobe that’s full of clothes and see absolutely nothing? Yeah, I had a lot of those this month. As someone who lives in jumpers and leggings, trying to find inspiration when a lot of your usual choices are in the wash. I ended up repeating a few outfits, which did help when it came to lack of inspiration, but I was hoping to come up with a more variety of outfits.

Denim For Days

I heavily relied on jeans this month. They basically became leggings. Before this challenge, I would only wear some jeans if I was actually leaving the house, or if all my leggings were in the wash. I own 6 pairs of jeans, and I think I wore each pair at least twice. I mainly went with my straight-leg jeans as I am really into them, but I did wear my skinny pairs occasionally, especially when I just could not be bothered with a fancy outfit.

Discovering Old Favourites

By not wearing leggings, this did give me a chance to pull out some old favourites. I have a denim pinafore that I hadn’t worn for a while, my black pairs of straight leg jeans. Putting some kind of ban of your wardrobe, whether it is buying new clothes, or avoid wearing one article of clothing really gives you a great opportunity to shop your stash.

My Most Worn Items

·     H&M Jeans
·     H&M Jumpers
·     New Look Red Jumper
·     Boohoo Black Long-Sleeved T-Shirt
·     H&M Mustard Jumper

My Favourite Outfits

Like I said above, I did repeat a lot of outfits, so some of these were featured on my Instagram during the month, and beforehand. However I really like all this outfits so I had to show them! Even if the photo is from a while ago, I promise I did actually wear these looks.

Could you go a month without your most worn clothing item?

Ellyn xx

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  1. I appreciate your challenge. It’s nice to do something different to stretch out of our comfort zone a little. And I have heard of folks who give up leggings altogether, so by that comparison, you know you could be successful with choosing just a month. Thanks for sharing your findings.

  2. Lol I think this is a cool challenge, I honestly love leggings too lol I swear they were my go to especially in college and being able to transition them later in the evening for dancing or gym. Great post, was a fun read :D

    xx Lena |


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