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I have recently been seeing a lot of ‘Get Ready With Me’ blogs and YouTube videos featuring all high-end makeup. Whilst I like to use a variety of different products at various price ranges, I thought it would be interesting to do a full face of high-end, and a full face of high street products and compare the two. I am starting with the high-end, and I will post the high street one next week, also with the comparison. I am going to all of the same type of product, but there might be some colour differences.


It’s hard not to go on and on about how much I love this primer. It just gives the most natural looking glow, without any shimmer whatsoever. It is also one of the best primers in keeping the rest of my face makeup on. I use about two to three pumps and apply it all over my face. This is definitely something that I will repurchase. 

I was going to use the Smashbox concealer that I’ve been wearing a lot but the post was already getting a bit Smashbox heavy so I decided to go back to an old favourite. Whilst I would not use this for foundation, it works fine for me as a slightly heavier concealer. I like to apply this with the smaller end of my IT Cosmetics Complexion Perfection brush, and then blend it in with the other end. This helps stop applying too much and it being heavy.

Along with the primer, these are the two most expensive products, but I have had the NARS for a really long time, and will definitely still be able to use the Primerizer for a while, so you do get your money’s worth out of it.

Again, I had to stop myself from doing a full face of Smashbox (which I have already done) so I decided to go back to an old classic and one of my all time favourites - Hoola. I love this bronzer, it is difficult to go too over the top, but just gives a lovely warmth to the skin that is not too orange. I use this all year round. Please Benefit, never do an Urban Decay and get rid of this classic!

I used my Real Techniques Duo Fibre Powder brush and lightly dusted it on my forehead, cheekbones and chin.

Now I have had this for years, and whilst they still make this blush in new packaging, I could not find this shade. Clinique does have a similarily named shade called Bashful Blush, but it is not clear from the website if this is the same shade. It reminds me slightly of the Benefit Gold Rush, but slightly more cool-toned and with a frosted finish. 

That being said, it does not leave a frosted finish on your skin, say in comparison to the finish of a frosted lipstick. It is a great colour for giving colour to your face, that doesn't feel too summer-ry. I will investigate to see if these two are the same shade, would be a shame not to be able to use it again. 

To set my makeup, I used powder, and it is actually the first time I have used a setting powder in a while. This is probably the most transparent powder that I have tried. It is also very fine so unless you pack it on, it doesn't leave you looking like you have. I find it doesn't keep the shine away from my nose and forehead after a while, but it does keep my concealer or any other cream/liquid based makeup on all day. 

Eyes & Lips

For eyeshadow, I have yet to be drawn out of the one eyeshadow look. Most of the time, I flit between my two Urban Decay Naked Palettes but as they feature a lot in my Monday Instagram posts, I decided not to use it. I still wanted a warm eye so I applied the shade Throwback all over my eyelid and into the socket using the Spectrum C06 brush, which is very compact and dense. As the brush is so dense, you do have to be careful when blending. 

I did end up sneaking a little of the orange shade Torch on the inner corner as it has a little shimmer, but nothing too intense. I also applied those two shades under the eye as well.

Whilst I do prefer a double mascara combination, I only have one high-end mascara at the moment. I do think on my eyelashes, it does work better when paired with another mascara, usually my CYO Lengthening Mascara. I just find I get better length. If you have naturally longer eyelashes, I know that this will work great for you. Almost reminds me of They're Real.

I always prefer a liquid eyeliner for this step, but unfortunately I did not have a high end eyeliner to use, so I had to use a pencil eyeliner. As I do a cat-eye that is a little thicker, it was a little tricky. However I still really like this eyeliner, when using it for the waterline, as I usually would it is really creamy and easy to apply, especially when doing the upper waterline which is trickier, and let's be frank - not very comfortable.

I have said many times that I very rarely wear lipstick without a lipliner first. At the moment this is my go-to for high-end as it is the closest match to my lips. It is still quite pink, so if it is not quite a good colour match to whatever lipstick I am wearing, I blend it a bit with some concealer. Nothing too much though. I really like MAC lipliners and will always repurchase them. Most also have a matching lipstick which is also great.

This is still one of my favourite lipsticks to wear when I am in a rush or a quick lipstick top-up. It has a satin formula so it is a great lipstick to reapply without feeling like your wearing too many layers of lipstick or drying out your lips like some matte finishes can do. The colour is very similar to Blushing Nude from Clinique. I was going to do a NARS lipstick, but as this is mor warmer, I felt like this suited the look a lot more. 

The overall total for this makeup was £218.50. Now put all together that is quite a lot, and whilst I would not spend that all in one go, I would definitely consider re-purchasing a lot of these. It will be interesting to see how the high street look turns out.

What high end makeup would you repurchase?

Ellyn xx

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