Get Ready With Me - Meeting TheAnnaEdit & Lily Pebbles

Last week at work, I took a browse on Instagram stories and noticed that Anna from TheAnnaEdit, and Lily Pebbles were hosting an intimate ‘Get Ready With Me’ event at Smashbox. So I and 11 other lucky people who replied quick enough were selected to go down to Smashbox Studios in Central London, and hang out with two amazing ladies and put on make-up. Amazing! Smashbox also supplied us with all the make-up to use, and got to keep which was so kind!

Anna and Lily are exactly how they appear in their videos, kind, funny and so down to earth. It really felt like we all knew each other. I had been to other make-up events through my previous jobs and they can feel very busy, so there was something nice about this event being so intimate. We could all chat as a group whilst doing our make-up.

They both came round and chatted with each of us which felt lovely - I mentioned to Anna that she was the reason I tried the Primerizer, I had brought my mini version with me which Anna thought was very sweet. Also, Lily appreciated the half-size problems with boots!

My Make-Up Look

We all used the same products, but to how we would do our own make-up, so this is just what I chose to do. Unsurprisingly I was not particularly imaginative with my make-up but it is with mostly all products that I have not tried, so that is something I suppose!


Obviously I started with the Primerizer, now as I mentioned above I did bring my smaller Primerizer with me - I was very conflicted about using the new full size, it seemed a bit wasteful. But I did go with the full size bottle! I took a couple of pumps and smoothed it all over my face.

I am not a massive foundation wearer, so I took one pump of the Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation that I had already been colour-matched too, with a teensy bit of more Primerizer and blended that all over my face with a stippling brush. It is one of the most comfortable foundations that I have tried, I have tried others were even with one pump, you can really feel the foundation.

For concealer, we were given the Studio Skin 24 Hour Waterproof Concealer, so I used that under my eyes, as a base for eyeshadow and to attempt to cover a lovely spot that literally appeared that morning.

Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palette/Cali Contour Palette
For bronzer and blush using the Cali Contour Palette, I used the lighter bronzer/contouring shade in the top right corner with a dense brush and applied it in the usual three shape. For blush, I took the shade below and then for a small bit of highlight I used the highlight from the top row, and lightly tapped it in with my finger. I found it gave me a really nice finish.


I’ve said before that thanks to my Grandad, I already have thick, dark eyebrows naturally, so if I ever do anything to them, I have to be extremely careful. As the tails of my brows are slightly sparse in comparison, so using the Brow Tech Matte Pencil and spoolie. I very lightly filled them in. As Lily and Anna understand the natural thick brow life, if they like this pencil, it must be good!

For the eyes, we were given the Cover Shot Eye Palette in Ablaze, which one of the other guests noted it was like a baby Urban Decay Naked Heat palette, which I totally agree with! I am still in love with the whole ‘one eyeshadow look’, which I actually also got into through Anna! I took the shade Throwback (Middle shade, bottom row on the right), all over and into the crease, making sure to blend out all edges.

Now I did bring my own eyeliner to do my usual look because it just looks weird otherwise. I then used the Always On Gel Liner in Brewed which is a gorgeous brown to line my upper waterline. For mascara, we were given the SuperFan Fanned-Out Mascara.


For lipstick, I asked if I could use one of the other lipsticks that Smashbox has as I was not sure if the lipstick I was given suited me at the time. This lipstick I ended up using was the Be Legendary Lipstick in Press Tour - I applied it using a brush!

The lipstick we were given was also from the Be Legendary range but in the shade Back Talk. It’s a very sheer pale-nude pink and I used it yesterday morning and it was actually quite nice.

After we had all finished our make-up, we were all able to take some photos with Anna and Lily. We did group shots, selfies, boomerangs and ‘normal’ photos. As it was Anna’s birthday on the previous Friday, the Smashbox team brought her out a cake! However it was when I was taking photos with them, and at first she thought the cake was for me! She’s so sweet!

Sadly we did all have to go home, but I had such an amazing time. Thanks so much to the Smashbox Team for hosting us, giving us the goodies, and selecting me as one of the lucky attendees. Lily and Anna, you are babes and it was so fun to meet and chat with you!

Have you tried any Smashbox make-up?

Ellyn xx

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  1. Thank you so much for coming and your great feedback! x


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