More Summer Nail Polishes? - Trends for Summer 2018

Now I realise I have already posted a summer nail polishes for this year. However that focused only on red nail colours, and it got me thinking about what other colours I might also want to wear this summer. Whilst I am not necessarily a huge trend follower myself, I thought it would be interesting to have a look at what beauty editors are calling the summer nail colours, and how that reflects in my collection, and if I would still wear them. I tried to pick colours that were still available, but in this type of post, it is more about the type of colour and not the specific brand.

The main trend colours that I noticed were orange, rose gold, mint/teal, mauvey purples, pink, grey, yellow and a slight darker blue, but not navy. I went through my collection and realised I did still have some of these colours, many of which have actually been one of my favourite shades at one time. Here is what I found:

Now I was actually surprised that a red nail polish was not included, as it is always a colour I associate with summer. To be honest, maybe that's why. So although it is maybe not a 2018 'trend' colour, I still think a red nail polish is an absolute essential for any nail polish lover. Whether you wear it on your toes or hands, it is a classic that just looks great on everyone.

My particular favourite red has been Fifth Avenue by Essie, and it has been for a while now. It is slightly warm, but I would still call this a classic red. I really like Essie formulas, and I find out of the 'salon' type brands, it is one of the more affordable, and easiest to find. They are often stocked in Boots now. 

Essie Cute As A Button
The only pink nail polish that I'm ever really drawn too are deeper or bright red-pinks, and corals. So basically, I like pinks that aren't really pink and have red in them. Now a lot of the pinks that I was seeing were much brighter and had more of a blue-base. Those colours do not work on me, and I'm just not a fan so for me personally, a colour like Cute As A Button is a much better fit.

I do think this is a perfect example of making trends work for you, or that you don't necessarily have to follow them exactly. I know that blue-tone pinks do not work for me, so instead I would go for corals like this one.

Essie Turquoise & Caicos
In one particular article I read, they recommended a mint colour, but the picture really reminded my of Turquoise & Caicos, which is clearly not mint. This is the current nail polish I am wearing at the moment and I had forgotten how much I do actually like it on the skin. It is one that I would only really wear on my hands, but on other skin-tones it could look gorgeous on both.

So although the trends were featuring more mints, I think teals/turquoises are a great alternative for summer. Turquoise & Caicos is another what I would call 'classic' Essie.

Leighton Denny Country Club
I was very surprised to see a darker colour mixed in with summer nail colours, as it is normally something I would associate with the autumn and winter. Now the dark blue that was floating around was not a navy, but more of a dark cobalt blue. As it is not super dark as navy, that could be why it could be seen as a summer colour.

This particular polish was originally brought out as part of the Heritage Collection for autumn/winter 2017 but I did a little browsing and it is seemingly available to purchase individually from Leighton Denny's website so it might now be part of the regular collection. If it is, I'm glad as it is a beautiful colour.

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint in Pit Stop
Sometimes we all want a nude polish and I was very excited to see a mauve-nude nail polish in one of the articles. It reminded me of Pit Stop by Barry M, long-time readers will remember from my Nail Polish collection post that I actually own two of these.. by accident. The Barry M quick dry nail polishes are one of my favourite drugstore nail polish ranges, they have also brought out loads more colours now!

Pit Stop is actually one of the originals that is still available, 'greiges' and mauve-nudes have been a popular trend that has been coming back and forth for the last few years now. I can definitely see it staying for even longer as well!

Nails Inc for InStyle
Just like mauve-nudes, grey nail polish has also stayed pretty popular. Years ago, I would not have considered a grey nail polish, but when you find the right one, it looks absolutely gorgeous. My current favourite is actually a freebie from a magazine, a collab between Nails Inc and InStyle, the latter of which is sadly stopping print publication.

It is called When Doves Cry and is a gorgeous cool-toned grey and it is such a shame that it was a one-off for the magazine because I would definitely repurchase it when it is all finished if I could! It is also Nails Inc, so it definitely a great nail polish. I don't think I will ever be able to part with this colour, until it smells funny or goes all gloopy. Thankfully neither has happened yet.

So these are my choices that follow the summer nail trends for this year. Remember, what is most important is finding colours that you love and what work for you! You don't have to follow trends, but it was fun to go through my collection and choose colours that I might not normally choose.

What colours are you going to be wearing this summer?

Ellyn xx

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