A High-End Makeup Routine

Whilst I am always a fan of drugstore make-up and finding cheaper alternatives, sometimes the higher-end stuff is just worth it. In today's post, I thought I would right about my favourite high-end products that I would use to create a full face of makeup. Now I always wear eyeliner, but at the moment I do not have a higher-end eyeliner (other than pencil) so I decided not to include it. I love all these brands, and would happily spend my money again. Also, many stockists (especially bigger department stores) have points cards or discounts, so you should be able to get a little something out of these.

Now althought it is not actually a primer, MAC Strobe Cream is a great illuminating cream that can act as a great base - even if you don't wear foundation on top. I find that it is more glowy than shimmery and helps the rest of the makeup look glowy as well. However, it is still great to mix with a foundation, or just under it. 

I own it in the original shade Silverlite but it is available in more tones - red, gold, peach and pink. I would love to try the gold shade - especially after a tan!

Although marketed as a foundation, I really like this for concealer. It is heavier than other concealers I have used, but provides more coverage and still feels quite light. I use this most under my eyes, not only to cover dark circles, but I have found that it is also great for providing a bit of grip for any eyeshadow you might put under your eyes. 

Out of all of these products, this is one of the ones where I am not sure whether I would repurchase, as it is £30 but we'll see how I feel when I have got through them. It is too full-coverage for me to use as a foundation, but if that's what you want, you might want to consider giving this a try. Also NARS always has a superb shade range. 

Setting Powder - MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Loose Powder
This is the first loose setting powder I have used, and it is easily the best powder I've ever used. Like with any loose powder, you have to be careful with it, as it can be a little messy - especially when you first open it every day. Although it is a white powder, it is transulcent once you start to blend it out, so if you do have darker skin, you can still use this.

It keeps my under-eye makeup lasting so much longer, and doesn't look cakey. As it is the first loose powder I have tried, I am tempted to try a cheaper alternative next but this is something I would repurchase in the future.

Blush - Benefit Cosmetics GALifornia
I love a peachy-pink blush. I think it flatters my skin-tone the most and just gives my skin a gorgeous flush of colour. If you are a newbie to this blog, I own the smaller size which does not have the shimmery overlay. If that overlay puts you off, you might want to consider trying the smaller size. I recently went to my local counter to see what this blush looks like with the shimmer, and it still seems pretty gorgeous to me.

Bronzer - Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzing Powder
If you are a make-up lover, then you have to try this. In fact, if you haven't, I'm disappointed. Well, unless it is too light for your skin-tone, then I get it! I find I can use this both for general bronzing and contouring. Either way, it just warms up the skin in a really nice way.

This is also now available in a lighter shade, as well as personalised options including for mum's, brides, bridesmaids as well as your own name.

Highlighter - Illamasqua Beyond Powder Highlighter
I have always wanted to try Illamasqua, the quality and artwork they produce always looks so professional and inspiring. This shade Daze has a pink iridescent glow - which looks amazing when in the light. Now I wouldn't normally go for a pink-toned highlighter, so I tend to place it just where it meets blush, and only on the cheekbones.

However as it is so pigmented, I would happily repurchase this in another shade, and even this particular shade to be honest.

Eyeshadow -  Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Eyeshadow Quad
I was torn between a few different palettes to use for this post, but I eventually decided on my Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Eyeshadow Quad in Moody Browns and Gold. This is a great palette as it has three smooth, and pigmented neutral shade, but also has a gorgeous gold shimmer, that looks perfect as an overlay.

This is a great palette to have in a make-up bag as it can take you from day to night, and is not too big and bulky. This also comes in a silvers/greys palette but it would be great to see this expand, maybe even into colours.

Mascara - Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara
This is a product that I will always re-purchase. I've mentioned before that I have really short eyelashes and I am never going to get the most amazing length, but I really like how this mascara shapes my eyelashes.

I also really love Benefit's Rollerlash, I basically flick between the two. Benefit's mascaras are just my fave.

Lipliner - MAC Lip Pencil
I am very lazy with topping up my lipstick. Probably while I find myself drawn more towards matte finishes. However, every matte lip needs the perfect base and the MAC lip pencils are perfect! They are so creamy and easy to use, but help the lip colour last so much longer.

I currently own the shades Soar, Cherry, Whirl, Chestnut and Stone. I will probably end up with a MAC lip pencil for every shade of lipstick I own. I'm ok with that. Soar is my current favourite, I have also been wear

Lipstick - NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment
If I am putting together any kind of high-end make-up routine, of course I am going to finish with my favourite liquid lipstick. I still haven't found anything that beats this, but if you want to see my other faves, click here. I will continue to buy the shade American Woman for forever more. It is a gorgeous dusty, chestnut rose and just looks absolutely stunning on the lips.

To be honest, if I ever had to, I would get rid of my entire lip collection and just keep this. That would be hard though, I am a make-up addict.

So these are the products that I would use in a high-end make-up routine. If you are not in the financial position to have higher-end products, there are still so many great drugstore alternatives, with dupes coming out all the time. If you would like to see a drugstore version of this post, let me know!

Ellyn xx

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  1. Thanks Ellyn! I usually tone down my makeup routine in summer - less is definitely more in the heat. Benefit Hoola is a firm favourite of mine in the summer though, it gives such a gorgeous summery glow! X

  2. I've heard lovely things about that Illamasqua highlighter. I definitely need to try it for myself.


  3. These all sound like amazing high-end makeup products! I want to try out the illamasqua highlighter, it looks amazing

    Melissa 🐝 |

    Moonlight Mel


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