Friday Night Stripes

It has been forever since I did a fashion post on this blog, although I did feature my red New Look cable knit jumper in my February favourites - but I have not done a proper outfit of the day type post in forever! Now the weather is starting to warm up here in London, well for the moment at least, I am hoping to get more outfits photographed as I tend to mix up my outfits when it is warmer. I'm a big fan of a jumper and leggings in the colder months! Also props to my dad for taking this pictures, I wasn't planning on doing an outfit post but he did such a great job, I decided to do it.

I wore this outfit on Friday night to dinner to celebrate my sister's 20th birthday before she went back to university today. Stripes is a classic look for my family, an addiction passed down from my nana, to my mum, and to my siblings and I. 

The top is an old favourite of mine from Zara. I don't wear it as much anymore as it went through both an accidental shrinking and colour wash mishap - thanks to Vanish, it has returned from pale pink to white again. 

It has three-quarter length sleeves and a scooped neckline. The stripes are also thinner than a lot of the other striped clothing that I own. Now as it was a while ago, it is not sold anymore but here are some alternatives that I have found: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
 I paired this top with my favourite trousers from Boohoo (similar here) which I've also showcased on my Instagram. I love this style of trouser and how it translate as both smart and casual. I also felt it gave the outfit a 'Parisian Workwear' vibe, not idea what that would actually be but it felt right! I think the red lipstick also helps haha!
On my feet I wore my ASOS boots which are also apparently not available either, I swear I did not plan my entire outfit to be unavailable. What I love most about these boots are that I do not need to wear thick socks with them. Many people with a half-size will know the struggle! It is also wide fit so it fits my feet completely.

I really love this outfit and I will definitely wear it more in the future, I think it could be worn as workwear, going out or even smart casual if paired with a denim jacket. 

Are there any outfits you are looking forward to wearing now the weather is slowly starting to warm up?

Ellyn xx

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  1. What a stunning look! I personally love stripes and paired with the simple black Boohoo trousers (I love boohoo!) it allows the stripes to pop! The red lip looks stunning against your skin tone too! x
    Marina Rosie xx

    1. Ah thank you! The Boohoo trousers are amazing, they are such a great online brand!

      Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd


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