The Body Shop: Battle Of The Bath Bombs

Although I take more showers, I love having baths and when I do, using bath bombs makes it feel more exciting. I normally go to Lush to get my bath bombs, they are the first port of call whenever I go into one of their stores. However, a while ago my best friend Hannah was telling me that she had bought some bath bombs from The Body Shop. I was really intrigued to try them out as I did not know that The Body Shop made them, and also how they would compare to the ones from Lush. Keep reading to find out!

Battle Of The Bath Bombs: The Body Shop V Lush
First off, I love the ethics behind both brands. They are both cruelty-free and against animal testing. 

The Body Shop bath bombs are available in a variety of scents that The Body Shop sell a lot of their bath and body products in including Strawberry, Mango and Green Tea. The range also includes Bath Bubbles such as Moringa and Coconut. These were the ones available to me in the store at the time of purchase but at the moment you can get a few other scents in the sale. 

If you have smelt any of these scents in other products, you will know how these will smell as the scents are exactly the same.

Now as you can see from the photo above, these are considerably smaller than Golden Wonder from Lush, but despite that they do fill up the bath rather well. They are also only £1.50 each which is averagely less than half or more than the cost of a Lush bath bomb.

I did notice that the coloured water appeared a little cloudy but I think that's just how they are. My favourite part of these bath bombs is the power of their scent. With all of the bath bombs that I have tried, you could smell the scent from outside of the room, but smells as if you were standing right next to the bath. 

As these bath bombs are only the one scent, it made me think if I could use more than one scent and if they would work. To test this out, I mixed Strawberry and Mango. First off, it was really interested to see the water start to blend the two colours being released from the bath bombs - it almost had a cool marbling/ombre effect. 

It worked out really well! The scents combined really well and it made for a really nice bath. I am also planning to try another Mango bath bomb with the Coconut Bath Bubble, and the Green Tea Bath Bomb with the Moringa Bath Bubble. I will update this post when I try these. 

The Body Shop Bath Bomb
  • Price - £1.50!? That is an incredible price for a good bath bomb - also you can feel less guilty for buying quite a few!
  • Scent fills the room well
  • Not glittery - I have had many accidental problems caused by glitter from Lush bath bombs, mainly leaving flannels in the water and then someone else using them ending up with unwanted glitter.
  • Small in size; indiviually do not fill up the bath as well
  • Not as many varieties, I don't think they do any that they do not sell in other products
  • Plain, no fun designs like you see in Lush
Overall, I love this bath bombs and to be honest, it is hard to compare with Lush. They have many differing qualities which make both bath bombs special and interesting. Lush come up with crazy designs, amazing colours but The Body Shop ones are easily to mix together and if you just want one scent, they are perfect.

Have you tried The Body Shop bath bombs? Do you think they are better or worse than Lush - or would you happily use both! (Like me!)

Ellyn xx

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  1. I definitely agree that there is no competing with Lush! I love The Body Shop too though, and these look really fun! I have seen them in store but haven't thought to try any yet! xx

    1. It was too hard to completely compare them as they do have very different appeals - you should give them a go, for £1.50 they are incredible!

      Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

  2. I did not know they did bath bombs!! I will have to try these out as the scents sound lovely and at £1.50 I think it's worth a shot.

    1. I did not either until this year! In my local Body Shop, they are kept in tubs on the bottom shelf so I always missed them!

      Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd


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