Nude Lipsticks: My Thoughts

It is no secret that lipstick is the main part of my make-up that actually changes on a more everyday basis. I have enough to wear a different colour everyday for at least a month, at the very least. However, it was only ever the more bold and brighter colours that I was obsessed with and whilst I did own a few more muted nude colours, I would only every wear those to school and I didn't really care if they came off. Throughout 2017, I have been noticing that I am tending to go for more nude options on the everyday basis, and then only wearing my bold and brights for special events.

Life Of A Beauty Nerd - Nude Lipsticks
The first style of nude lip colours that I tend to be drawn to are deeper nudes. The two lipsticks that I currently own and use the most in this colour field also both happen to be from M.A.C. The first one that I bought was Mocha because it reminded me of Blushing Nude by Clinique and I really wanted to expand my M.A.C lipstick collection. This is definitely one of the most worn out of my M.A.C lipsticks, also just because I've had it quite a while now but it is a really great nude option. I have never been into 'concealer lips nudes' so Mocha is I guess technically a dark nude against my skin tone but I do think Mocha is a shade that should work as some kind of nude for a lot of different skin tones.

At the moment, I am still using the Whirl lip pencil under all my nude lip options so if anyone has any lip liner recommendations for a suitable match for Mocha lipstick let me know below. I do all of my lip options the same way so if it is a good matte formula, I don't normally have a problem with not-lasting nudes, the only exception at the moment being the L'Oreal nude liquid lipstick. The other nude option from M.A.C that I use fairly regularly is the actual Whirl lipstick as well. I was very surprised when I first used Whirl liner and lipstick together as I do not think they are actually that similar in colour at all. The lipstick comes off much darker than the lip liner, even if you fill in your lips completely.

The other style of nude lip that I have been drawn to most recently is the slightly pink nude. To be honest, this is literally all down to the NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in American Woman. I still think this is the best liquid lipstick that I have ever used and on the sad day when this finishes, I will be straight onto the NARS website to get another one. As it is not too pink, too pale or too dark, I think that this is still a nude that could work on other skin tones. The NARS Powermattes do have a huge amount of more natural shades so I think everyone can find their perfect nude shade.

Nude pinks are slowly creeping into my make-up collection, like I mentioned in my pink lipstick post it only used to be bolder pinks that ever caught my eye. I don't think I will ever be a total pink nude convert and American Woman might just be the one and there will probably be another lip trend that will take over my life.

Overall whilst in other lip colours posts I have owned many more, I might only have three nude colours but I do actually wear all of them much more regularly then many of the lipsticks that have been featured in other posts. I think everyone needs to have at least one good nude lip colour in their collection and for me, these are my favourites.

Ellyn xx

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this as a fellow lipstick lover! I love Mac's Whirl lipstick too and also Crème in Your Coffee.


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