Evening Skincare Routine

Since I posted my skincare routine back in April, my everyday evening skincare has changed and I have really been enjoying all the products that I have been using. Most of the products I have used before, but not together and I have found that they work really well together and there has not been a day when I have not done the full routine every night. The main purpose of my evening skincare routine is to make sure all my make-up from the day is off my face and my face is thoroughly cleansed. Also most of this products are cruelty-free which is always great.

LUSH Ultrabland Facial Cleanser
I use this cleanser to start getting my make-up off my skin. It is quite a thick consistency which I know for some people has put them off this product but I don't mind it. It removes most of my make-up, with the exception of some mascara. It can leave a residue on the skin so I always follow up with a second cleanser, even before I read/watched Caroline Hirons who is a stickler for the double cleanse.

LUSH 9 To 5 Cleansing Lotion
I recently re-purchased this cleanser which I used all the time during my last year at university. It is a really nice simple cleanser which is really quick and easy to use. I also use this in the morning as my main cleanser. It helps take off any remaining make-up and also most of the residue. I will definitely be re-purchasing this over and over again as it is a great staple cleanser and I really recommend this to everyone.

Pixi Glow Tonic
This is the newest element of my skincare routine. I had been meaning to purchase Glow Tonic for years since reading Caroline Hiron's blog but never got round to it. As I mentioned in my October Beauty Haul, the local M&S near my nana's has recently started stocking some Pixi products including Glow Tonic so I picked it up. I have noticed that some of the milia on one of my cheeks has started to go so it is clearly working!

L'Oreal Paris Skin Expert Hydra Genius Aloe Water
I still think this moisturiser is really great and super hydrating. I do tend to only use it at night as I like to wear a moisturiser in the morning that has an SPF because of the Glow Tonic to protect my skin. It really feels like a drink for my skin and contains so many hydrating ingredients found in pricer products but is also £9.99 which is pretty decent!

So that is my evening skincare routine! If you would like to see my morning skincare routine, please comment below - it isn't hugely different but there are a few other products I use.

Ellyn xx

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  1. How long do you find the pixi glow, 9 to 5 and ultrabland last?

    1. I find that Ultrabland lasts at least a month (and that's with the smaller container) depending on how much I use every time. I am still not even half way with the Glow Tonic and I've been using it twice a day almost daily and I bought it at the very end of September


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