Morning Skincare Routine

I thought since I posted my new evening skincare routine, I had better post the new morning skincare routine as well. Like I said in that post, there is not a huge difference between the two routines and it is mostly just a switching of particular products. The main goals of my morning skincare are to clean my skin for the day and to get it done quickly. I don't want to have a routine that takes too long as I found that is how I stopped doing a regular routine when I was back in a 9 to 5 job and I needed to be out of the house quickly. I was originally going to do a list of the different products and my thoughts on them but as I did that for most of these products last time, I am just going to write out how I do my routine.

Obviously I start with washing my face and to do that I use the Lush 9 To 5 cleanser, I don't tend to double cleanse in the morning so I just use this on its on. After I have washed off the cleanser with some warm water and a flannel, I will do my teeth to allow time before continuing with the rest of the routine.

I then apply some of the Pixi Glow Tonic to a cotton pad and wipe that around my face avoiding the eye area. Now I have been using the Glow Tonic for a while, I am noticing that the milia on my cheeks has gone down and I have not had any spots on my face for ages, not that I ever get many but I did used to get the occasional one.

I will wait a few minutes and then either apply moisturiser or apply the Organic Nation Skinfood4 Vitamin Serum first. I won't like I don't really know if this is doing anything but I know it is packed with good ingredients and it does feel good on the skin. The moisturiser I am using at the moment is the Superdrug Simply Pure Moisturiser SPF 15 as it is important to apply a moisturiser with SPF if you are going out during the day, especially after using something like Glow Tonic. This isn't my favourite moisturiser as I don't love how it feels on the skin so if anyone has any recommendations for SPF moisturisers that don't cost an arm and a leg that would be great!

Sorry that this post is very short and sweet but I did not want to do more regurgitated waffle about products I've already mentioned before on the blog! Like I said, if you do have any moisturiser recommendations then let me know!

Ellyn xx

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