New Additions To My Makeup Routine: Summer To Autumn

Back in April I wrote a post about the new additions that were in my make-up routine. Since then I have started using loads of new products that I have picked up in the few months so I thought I would update that old post with what I am currently using. Just like in that previous post, the style of make-up has not changed but I am liking how it looks with the new products. I like how the colours in the eyeshadows, blushes and bronzer add a last bit of summer into my make-up before the autumnal weather properly arrives - although it feels like it might be here already!

I bought this primer for the one brand makeup ‘Back ToSchool’ look post and although I had not tried this beforehand, I actually really like it! It provides a really lovely glow to the skin and has SPF 25 so it looks after your skin too. I do still use my Hourglass primer on the centre of my face as I find this primer can be a little too sparkly-looking on those areas but I love it on my cheekbones.  

I have used this concealer before and I am glad I am using it again. It is nice to use under the eyes as it is not too heavy but you can still get decent coverage if you pat it into the skin. It also blends really well when used with foundation. Unfortunately this does not come in a lot of shades which is disappointing as I think it is very good for a drugstore concealer.

Another product that I bought for the one brand post but I would have bought this anyway as I was in need of a new powder. I have a slight tan from my holidays and my last powder was too pale and as this one is translucent, I thought this would be a good option as my tan starts to fade during the autumn and winter months. I have noticed that this does a great job at setting my under-eye concealer.

This was one of the items that I picked up in my Sephora haul whilst I was on holiday in Spain. I really like this blush as it gives a nice coral-pink glow to the skin, slightly similar to Coralista from Benefit. As I have the smaller size, it did not come with the glitter overlay and to be honest, I like that it doesn’t have that. It is very pigmented so you do need a light hand but I love how this looks.

When I was planning the Rimmel look, I knew I wanted to use the Kate Sculpting Palette because it had a highlighter, blush and bronzer/contour all in the one palette which is great for people on a budget. I love the contour shade! It is really easy to blend whilst still giving you a noticeable contour. The highlighter is not too intense but does give a subtle glow. When I am not using the GALifornia blush, I will use the blush in this palette if I want a slightly more pinker flush on my cheeks.

I had been wanting this palette ever since it was first announced and I bought it straight away! I have used this palette almost every time that I have worn make-up since it arrived on my doorstep. I think this palette is great for both the summer and autumn and I can’t wait to wear more of the deeper shades on a regular basis.

My Soap&Glory eyeliner was looking a little worse for wear so when I saw the MUFE Graphic Liner when I was in Sephora, I thought I would buy it. One thing I have noticed that it holds it shape very well and is still just as pigmented as when I first used it. It also has a much smoother finish when it dries and doesn’t look ‘built up’ if you go over it a few times. It was quite pricey but at the moment I am enjoying using it.

I do not think I have worn another lipstick since I got these. I am still so obsessed with these. American Woman is my most worn out of the four that I own and I am definitely going to repurchase it once I have used my current one all up. I have a full review on this liquid lipsticks so I won’t go on too much – regular readers might be getting bored of me raving about them!

I hope you liked this update on my make-up routine. It has been fun trying out quite a few new products and I would recommend all of these!

Ellyn xx

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