What I Ate In A Day: Day Trip To Brighton

On Friday my best friend Hannah and I went on a day trip to Brighton. Although I am a true London girl and could not imagine living anywhere else, it is always nice to go explore other places and Brighton is such a easy place to get to from London. I've got a few blog posts to come from this trip but I thought I would start with what I ate in Brighton! My everyday meals are often not very exciting but since we were going on a day trip, I thought this would be a great chance to try out some local Brighton restaurants and cafes that we do not have in London.

We arrived in Brighton just after 11 and wandered through the main part of the city checking out a few shops - including Homesense which I was really excited to visit and then we were getting a bit peckish so we headed down towards the pier for some food around 1pm. We ended up going to OhSo Social which was a restaurant/pub on the beach right next to the pier.

I am really boring when it comes to drinks in a lot of places as I don't like fizzy drinks and I don't really like drinking alcohol in restaurants during the day and I am also quite picky about what alcohol I like. So I went with a J2O - I do prefer the Apple and Raspberry flavour but they didn't have it so I went to Apple and Mango. I ordered my food at the same time and I am not kidding, I had been sitting down for less than two minutes and my food arrived. In some places that could be a little worrying but the food was really good and there were quite a few other people there so I think they were just preparing food ahead.

I went for the Grilled Chicken Breast burger which came with lettuce, red onion, gherkins and mayonnaise and tomato but I asked to have no tomato. You also get a portion of chips and coleslaw as well. This was a really yummy burger - OhSo Social also get bonus points in my point of view for including gherkins as they are always my favourite part of a burger! The chips were also like proper pub chips which are always really good. Thankfully we didn't have any seagulls lurking trying to steal our food because English seaside seagulls can be very cheeky and quite vicious as well. The meal and drink cost me £13.85 which I think is pretty reasonable for a good pub style meal.

After we had been up and down the pier, tried our luck at the 2p slot machines, we were feeling a little peckish again and we went back down into Brighton to visit the lanes and we went up to the the North Laine to visit Little Bird cafe. It is quite small so you might have to be very careful at when you go but I would definitely recommend going. I had a hot chocolate and a piece of their white chocolate and raspberry cake.

I will happily say that the cake was one of the best cakes that I have ever tried in my entire life! They had such a variety of both traditional cake flavours but they also had a few unusual flavours as well. A lot of their cakes were also vegan and gluten free so they are doing really well at catering for everyone.

They also stock some tea from Bluebird Tea Co. which has become very popular over the last few years since they opened in 2013. I had already bought some tea from them and thankfully I did enjoy it when I tried some yesterday morning but if you are interested in buying some tea, you could try a cuppa at Little Bird first but they don't serve all of them.

One of the food/drink places that I really wanted to visit was 42 Juice. I love smoothies and juices and I have heard so many good things about 42 Juice. We had been wandering around the Pavilion gardens and then decided to head back towards the beach which is where 42 Juice is. We managed to get there just in the nick of time as it closes at 6! The people in there were very touched that I had come to Brighton with the intention of visiting their shop so that was cute!

I chose the Watermelon and Mint juice which they call the 'I am Fresh'. It was absolutely delicious but I will say that I could not really taste the mint but it was still an amazing drink. We went down to the beach to drink this and watch the crazy people deciding to take a dip in the sea. The beach even had the red flag up so they were pretty daring in our opinion.

We had originally planned to stay for dinner and a drink or two but by 7pm we were absolutely exhausted so we decided to catch an early train home but I have to say that even by the time I got home I was still full from all of the food and drink!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I really recommend visiting these places if you are ever in Brighton. I would also like to know if you have any recommendations of other places to visit in Brighton in the future but also other places in the UK for other day trips which I really want to do more of!

Ellyn xx

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  1. I love what I eat in a day posts, especially if, like this one, you're out and about and eating in restaurants! That burger looks bloody delicious. And I absolutely ADORE your photos, my gosh they are perfect <3 xxx

    1. It really was super delicious! Aw thank you I'm glad you like them! I recently got a 50mm lens and I am loving it!

      Ellyn x

  2. I love love love going to Brighton! One of my favourite places ever to go! Also you have taken some lovely pictures!

    Sophia xo // sophiaaaxo.com

    1. It is such a wonderful place to visit! I'm glad you liked the pictures! I have another blog post coming up featuring more of my Brighton photos!

      Ellyn x


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