For The Love Of Dainty Necklaces

Jewellery and I have always had an on-off relationship. I will wear the same pair of earrings for months, take them out and forget to put any in for months. I hate wearing bracelets, watches - in fact, just anything on my wrists. I never really wear rings either. The only jewellery which I like to wear, and regularly change up is necklaces. The style necklaces which I wear the most and have the most of, are dainty necklaces or necklaces with only one simple charm/piece. I do own a few statement necklaces which I like to wear on occasion when I feel an outfit needs it but on a more day-to-day basis, I prefer more subtle necklaces. In today's post, I am featuring my favourite dainty necklaces that I wear most. I have had them all for a while now so I am not sure if any of them will be available anymore.

Dainty Necklaces

The Giraffe
My favourite part about this necklace is that it has the giraffe - I have never really seen it on many necklaces or other jewellery before which makes this really stand out. I used to wear this necklace during exam season when I doing my A-Levels and the start of my degree - I think at some point I decided it was my good luck charm? I have done exams since without the necklace that have gone well so I don't think it ever stood a chance! This necklace does have the most noticeable knots in the chain as well, if anyone knows any tips on how to untangle really tight knots in necklace chains, I would be grateful!

The Bee
I love bumblebees, I think they are very cute looking insects - if an insect can be considered cute. I like to wear this necklace with outfits that are more preppy in style. The chain is also attached to the bee's wing so I don't have to worry about the bee coming off and being lost - I recently found a charm that had fallen off a chain in my rug a few days ago that had been missing for ages, my rug literally swallows things.

The Heart
This is the only necklace I ever really wear that has some colour. I use to wear this necklace a lot more when I didn't have the others, but I still like to wear this when I feel an outfit needs a bit more colour - either when I've gone all monochrome or to tie in another coloured item.

The Pyramid
This is the most recent dainty necklace that I have purchased. I got it of ASOS and at the time I think I bought it just because I needed to bump up the cost of my order so I could get free delivery and I am very glad that I did. It is significantly longer than the other necklaces so I don't wear this necklaces with all outfits. I feel like ASOS jewellery is very underrated on social media but they really do have a great selection within their own brand but also a wide selection of jewellery from other brands at all different price points.

My favourite places to get dainty necklaces are Accesorize, Oliver Bonas and ASOS. I think all three brands provide a variety of designs for a variety of price points! What are your favourite styles of necklaces to wear? Are there bits of jewellery that you hate wearing?

Ellyn xx

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