Mini Lush Easter Haul

I love when Lush bring out their seasonal/occasion products and I think their best collections come out at Halloween, Christmas and Easter. The Easter collection has arrived in my local Lush store and I went in and picked up a few things and I have to say the collection looks really good! My Lush does not stock the entire range and when I next go into Central London to go to the Oxford Street store I might purchase more. I have also included the online descriptions from the Lush website which give a good actual description!

Which Came First?
"Well, if this barmy bomb is anything to go by, the age-old question is answered. The egg came first, then came the splendid citrusy soaks. Or did it? Who knows?
Why not take a dip in cleansing Sicilian lemon and grapefruit oil waters and see if any new information comes to light? Make sure to chick everywhere..."
The reason why I chose this bath bomb is I loved how bright and colourful it appeared when one of the Lush staff demoed this for me. What also intrigued me is that when you pick it up, it rattles. Playing with the theme of an actual egg, the bath bomb is easy to break in half and it contains a smaller bath bomb! So whilst it is a bit more expensive that the average bath bomb price, it is bigger and you are essentially getting two bath bombs. This bath bomb also comes with a sun design as well as the spotty design which I chose.

Chick 'n' Mix
"A little bit of what you fancy does you good, and a lotta what you fancy, well, it does you even better. This sweet and zingy bomb is full of surprises, as well as comforting tonka absolute and refreshing bergamot oil to add a little spring to your hop, skip or jump."
Now could I really leave the Lush store without buying the bath bomb that looks like a chick? No I couldn't! Similarly to Which Came First?, you also get more than one bath bomb with this. However, this comes as three separate pieces and it is like a little 3-D puzzle! Now I won't lie, this was really hard to photograph so I did have to lie the 'head' piece down flat to get a good shot but if you google it, you will see how cute it looks all together!

Baa Bar Bubble Bar
This adorable little critter wants to tuck you up in a blanket of comforting lavender, rose and ylang ylang to help you bed down for the night. Fluffy clouds of soya milk cuddle you close and bring softness, while clove bud oil adds toastiness and warmth as you soak. A hint of bergamot teases out the grassier notes of fragrant lavender and violet, promising sweet dreams and a fresh tomorrow.
Now I do believe that this is actually part of the Mother's Day collection but I think it is also very Easter-y as well with the sheep! I love how cute this is and as much as I don't want to use it, I really love Lush bubble bars! Like the rest of the Mother's Day and Easter collections, it is also limited edition so if I do love it, I will definitely try and get some more before they go! IT IS SO CUTE!!!

What do you think of the Easter collection at Lush? I would love to know what your favourite products are from the range but also from Lush in general!

Ellyn xx

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  1. Excellent lush review! I have a few of the Easter items myself I'm getting around to reviewing! Great post! Xx


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