New York Fashion Week A/W 2017

New York Fashion Week has just finished and we are now in the full swing of London Fashion Week. as technology progresses, fashion week is becoming more accessible to everyone with many shows being live streamed. I was able to watch four shows in New York via live stream and in today's post I thought I would summarise my thoughts about the AW17 collections I saw.

Calvin Klein Established 1968 Fall 2017 Men's + Women's RTW Show
The first live stream I watched was the Calvin Klein show. For me, Calvin Klein was never really a brand I paid attention to regarding womenswear because the only person I knew who wore clothing from Calvin Klein was my dad. Now I'm older and am more aware that Calvin Klein is not just for boys, I was really interested to see their womenswear.

The collection overall seemed to have a strong menswear and workwear vibe, even in the womenswear. Trench coats were across the collections in both men and womenswear. Many of the coats appeared to have a vinyl-like coating with also featured on other parts of the collection. Oversized jackets were also featured throughout the womenswear.  In terms of footwear, for the women there was nothing too crazy and it mainly focused around pointed shoes and shoes with flat-ends. Most of the heeled shoes featured a low block-heel with most also having an ankle strap.

The colour palette at Calvin Klein featured lots of grey, black and white with pops of colour. However, the collection did also feature floral prints which is often more associated with summer.

Zadig & Voltaire
The overall vibe at the Zadig & Voltaire seemed to also be inspired by menswear and everything felt very tailored. Many of the outfits featured straight-leg trousers and many also featured a mix of oversized clothing with tailored. The collection also featured many outfits based around polo necks.

In terms of the footwear, it was very casual with most outfits being paired with trainers or military-style boots with very low heels. Only a few outfits featured proper heels. This fitted very well with the tailored meets casual vibe that the collection had. The collection featured primary colours particularly red and blue. The collection also featured mixtures of textures within the outfits. 

Carolina Herrera
Although Carolina Herrera's collection did continue with the menswear/workwear vibe, I did notice that this collection had the most feminine feel of all that I saw. A lot of the collection was focused around blouses. As many clothing brands have been doing recently, many of the blouses had extravagant sleeves or cut-outs. Many of the outfits were paired with midi-length skirts and a midi-length was featured in a lot of the skirts and dresses in the collection. The collection also featured polo necks and trench coats which have been a common theme across New York this season. The collection also featured boots with most of the outfits. 

Similarly to other collections, this collection did not have too much colour but the overall colour palette was more pink. The colour palette felt almost spring-like. The collection also featured suits with a full snake print, although the general cut of the suit was very basic. 

Calvin Luo
I had not heard of Calvin Luo before now and it made me instantly jealous when I found out that he is also 21 and this was the second collection at one of the most prestigious fashion events in the world that he had produced. The overall feel of the collection was gender fluid, and I wouldn’t say that there was a clear comparison between what was menswear and what was womenswear. Some of the clothing also featured the word ‘ASEXUAL’ printed across the clothing. Given all the drama that has been going on in the world, it was nice to see that clothing should be more inclusive to how a person feels, not what they should be wearing because of their physical appearance.  

The main clothing styles that stood out to me in this collection were clothing with a midi-length, hoodies and statement jackets and clothing that was oversized. Layering was a strong feature throughout the show, midi-skirts paired with either an oversized hoodie or a statement jacket. The layering also included mixing of textures.

The colour palette just like many of the other collections, featured pops of bright primary colours. There was a lot more colour than in others and the colours were often paired against prints. The collection did however feature some muted shades, mainly khakis with greys but the main colour focus was the bright primary shades. 

Now, to go along with this mini-reviews, I thought I would put together two outfits inspired by some of the trends that I saw across the collections. This is the first every outfit posts I have ever done so please be gentle with me! If anyone has any advice for future fashion posts I really would love to hear it!

Blouse: H&M
Vest (worn underneath): H&M
Jeans: ASOS Kimmi Shrunken Boyfriend Jeans in Clean Black with Raw Hem
Shoes: ASOS

This first outfit is definitely more inspired by the menswear/workwear vibe with the blouse and the straight leg jeans. The shoes are one of my favourite pairs of boots and what I love about them is the shiny texture and that they are also square-toed. I love the bright pop of blue from the blouse, and I own loads of clothes in this colour as I think it goes really well against my hair colour and skin-tone; especially when I have a tan.

Top: Topshop
Jumpsuit: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: ASOS
This second outfits fits the more casual vibe that appeared throughout the collections and also plays with the idea of mixing textures. I have been loving the velvet trend and I had to have this jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters as soon as I saw it! I had been a bit worried about the length as it is cropped and I have long legs but it looks great! I also love the fabric detail around the top which is very flattering against bigger chests. 

Ellyn xx

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