Saving Winter Lips: My Favourite Lip Balms

It is the height of winter and many of us will be suffering with dry lips whether it's from a cold or because of the freezing weather. Back in late October and early November, I had two really painful mouth ulcers, one being right where my mouth opens. This meant that my lips were really painful and even worse if they started to dry out - I didn't wear lipstick for over a week it was that painful. Whilst the ulcers were healing, to save my lips and to help heal the ulcers a bit faster, I would slather my lips with balm all the time. Today's post is all about my favourite lip balms that I used intermittently when I had the ulcers (mainly because I would leave a lot of them in different places.)

Life Of A Beauty Nerd - Saving Winter Lips: My Favourite Lip Balms
eos Organic Lip Balms in Blueberry Acai and Sweet Mint
When eos first came to the UK, I remember being quite excited as it was a popular item with a lot of the American beauty YouTubers that I was watching at the time. Since then, you can find them in most places that sell beauty products and they now come in a lot more flavours.

Out of the two that I own, I do prefer the mint one (the one in the lighter colour packaging) but I think that's just because I associate mint with mouth products like toothpaste etc.

Although it can be quite hard to store if you have a lot of make-up products but it is also very easy to use. Now I know no lip balm is difficult to use but the lip balm in this is a little dome so there is no twisting but also the lid is much bigger - I've lost many lip balm lids in my life.

Elemis Minty Moisture Lip Balm (British Airways)
One of the annoying thing of some lip balms is that they come off or sink in too quickly. My mum got this as part of the British Airways long haul toiletries set and I can say that is the most long-lasting lip balm I have ever used.

It is quite a thick formula which is probably why it is able to stay so long but it really feels like it forms a layer over the lips.

I don't think you can buy this individually which is a shame - I would definitely repurchase it. 

Although you can use this product on the face, nails, and hair, I've only used it thus far on the lips. I received this through my Birchbox and it is definitely one of my most used product from my subscription so far.

I use the original one so it doesn't have any colour or flavours so if you don't want that in a lip balm, this could be a great option.

I do find this rubs off the easiest out of all of these lip balms but it's really easy to apply so it's not too much of a bother.

I love this balm as not only do I know that it is doing good things for my lips, but it is also doing a good thing for the bees. This particular lip balm was brought out as part of one of their campaigns to help save the bees and was done in collaboration with model Winnie Harlow.

This also lasts pretty well on the lips. It is also quite a unique combination of flavours, coconut and pear and it is surprisingly quite good!

I got this in my most recent Birchbox and although it isn't massively moisturising in comparison to the others, it is great for when your lips are almost healed but you don't want to go straight back into using lipstick.

Compared to other lip balms that have a little colour in them, this is one of the better ones as it feels more lipstick-y than others. The only little thing that I don't like about this is that the packaging feels a little flimsy but that might just be because it was in the Birchbox.

I have the shade Natural Rose which gives a nice dark pink tint to the lips - it reminds me of MAC's Whirl mixed with a bit of balm. 

So these are the lip balms that helps save my lips and am continuing to use when my lips feel a bit dry. If you have any favourite lip balms or have used any of these products, let me know in the comments!

Ellyn xx

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